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    Renting a home in Highland Creek

    Whether you’re looking for somewhere to live for a couple of years or a couple of decades — condos for rent in Highland Creek are a great choice, especially for drivers, as the 401 is located on Highland Creek’s northern border.

    Highland Creek is a Scarborough neighbourhood with a diverse population, in terms of age and background. University of Toronto Scarborough is located the neighbourhood boundaries, there are several schools, and excellent athletic facilities at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.

    Highland Creek is a residential neighbourhood, but there are conveniently located shops and businesses in the area.; Kingston Road is home to a number of retail stores and auto-repair shops, restaurants are sprinkled throughout the neighbourhood, and there’s a large commercial space just north of the 401 — with a Cineplex — and more substantial dining options to the east on Kingston Rd.

    Condo Life in Highland Creek

    Now comes the awkward part, because there’s no variety for Toronto condos in this neighbourhood — if you want to rent a condo in Highland Creek, your only option is 6157 Kingston Townhomes.

    6157 Kingston Townhomes is your standard, run of the mill, townhouse development — suite sizes are quite spacious and offer more privacy than a condo building, but units don’t come with amenities.


    With a condo at 6157 Kingston Townhomes, you’re going to need a vehicle or public transit to get around; public transit is limited to bus routes, so you might find driving to be the best form of travel; fortunately, it’s just a short drive to the 401 no matter where you are in Highland Creek.