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    Condos for Rent in The Junction, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in The Junction

    The Junction certainly doesn’t seem behind the times today: it’s got everything a hipster can ask for, from reclaimed furniture stores to craft coffee shops. It’s shocking for many, then, to hear that the Junction still upheld prohibition laws until as late as 1997. As a result, bars and venues selling liquor, as well as liquor stores themselves, were completely nonexistent in the neighbourhood until the start of the 21st century.

    Although Ontario’s temperance act was lifted in 1927, community leaders were reportedly worried about factory workers’ excessive consumption of alcohol. Coincidentally, the elimination of prohibition in the Junction happened just a few years after the closure of the meatpacking plants in the neighbourhood. The northern section of the Junction is also known as the Stockyards District, an ode to the area’s butcherous past. Today the Stockyards is home to a sizeable outdoor shopping centre as well as plenty of big-box stores like the Home Depot and Canadian Tire.

    A little further south, the history of the Junction is still apparent everywhere one looks. At the northwest corner of Dundas West and Keele, for example, sits the Campbell Block, a heritage property that’s been around since 1888. While the ground-level residents are decidedly modern (an A&W has recently moved in), the upper portion is a perfect example of a well-preserved, Romanesque-style commercial edifice.

    Speaking of contemporary commercial offerings, the stretch of Dundas Street West from Runnymede to the Canadian Pacific railway line is bursting with storefronts of all sorts. Residents can find everything from antique shops to designer boutiques in the Junction, as well as an emergent nightlife scene. Venues like the Hole in the Wall and the Junction City Music Hall attract visitors from all over the city with their well-curated lineups of local and international musical talent.

    Condo Life in The Junction

    The Junction condos for rent tend to be situated south of Dundas West, on quieter, residential streets. Many of these are contemporary buildings that have contributed to the recent growth of the neighbourhood: as more residents move in, new businesses have reason to set up shop on the commercial strip along Dundas West. Those in search of the Junction condos for rent who aren’t in a huge rush can even wait to see what crops up in the next couple of years, like 260 High Park Lofts and the Junction House.

    Some relatively new buildings on the scene include the Duke Condos and 332 High Park, both of which were completed in 2017. And while the frame of the Park Lofts has been around since 1888, the interiors received quite the overhaul in 2011, when Terra Firma Homes converted the former church into 8 hard lofts.

    The Victoria Lofts is yet another great option for renters seeking a church conversion in the Junction. The turnover rate is slightly more promising here, as the building is divided into 34 suites. Some of the Junction condos for rent are situated just north of St. Clair, beside the Stockyards Village. Prospective residents interested in living slightly farther north can choose between 190 Brickworks Lane, the 111 Brickworks Lane Townhouses, the Townhomes of St. Clair I, and the Townhomes of St. Clair II.


    Whether north or south of the tracks, Toronto condos for rent in the Junction are all well-situated for residents who plan to travel throughout the city on the regular. The Dundas streetcar comes in handy for anyone heading into the city centre, as a ride on this route will land passengers at popular destinations like the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Eaton Centre. The Bloor-Danforth subway line isn’t too far off either, with Runnymede, High Park, Keele, and Dundas West Stations accessible via a quick southbound bus ride.

    The Junction condos for rent are also within close reach of a number of major highways, making life that much easier for those who drive. Drivers can reach the 427 by heading west along Dundas West and Burmanthorpe Road, while those heading south can reach the Gardiner Expressway via Clendenan Avenue and Ellis Park Road.

    The Junction Overview

    The Locals: Hipsters and hipsters with families.

    Code of Conduct: Residents can finally let loose, now that prohibition is no longer.

    What You’ll Find: Historical architecture everywhere you look.

    What You Won’t Find: A dry neighbourhood — anymore.

    The Homes: Contemporary condos and hard loft conversions.

    Sealing the Deal: The cool factor.