About Strata.ca

Strata is a Toronto based real estate platform that places comprehensive real estate data in the hands of the customer. We utilize cutting edge technology to capture the most intuitive data — sound complicated? It isn’t. We went to great lengths to present our data in a way an accountant or philosophy major could equally understand.

There is no shortage of websites with condo listings, but we’ve made it our mission to tell you more about a listing than just the usual specs. We’ll tell you the exact size of the unit, the likelihood it’ll attract a bidding war, how a condo ranks in popularity as compared to nearby condos and how often that unit you like is listed in the building — we’ll even send you new listings alerts.

Those are just a handful of the data we disclose, all in an effort to empower the consumer and paint as clear a picture as possible. Should a user need assistance, we have a team of condo specialists at your disposal.

What Does Strata Even Mean?

In real estate, Strata title allows individual ownership of part of a property (generally an apartment or townhouse) combined with shared ownership of the common areas (lobby, gym, party room, etc), which is a clunky way of telling you that Strata in a real estate context simply means ‘condo’, and in some parts of the world, such as British Columbia or Australia, ‘Strata’ is a word used colloquially to mean condo.

Why didn’t we just use ‘condo’ in our name? It was taken — and Strata’s pretty cool anyway.

A Bit About Our Story

Strata.ca launched in June 2018 as the result of a collaborative labour of love, involving a statistician, developers, researchers, content writers, photographers, graphic designers and a real estate broker determined to build a better and more transparent condo website than anything out there.

Tired of the status quo, we sought to radically improve the customer experience by allowing buyers and sellers to see data that’s historically been held behind a firewall, all free of charge.

Founder - Robert Van Rhijn

Robert Van Rhijn is a Toronto-based Realtor and Broker of Record at Slate Realty Inc. He graduated from the Toronto Film School and spent most of his life studying piano at the Royal Conservatory. Robert ventured into the Toronto real estate business in 2008, just a few months before the global recession hit (his timing couldn't have been better).

He spent the next 4 years at Remax Condos Plus and went on to become the #2 ranking agent in the company. In 2012, he decided to strike out on his own and create Slate Realty Inc. Since then, he’s been fortunate to establish a team of like-minded agents, who work in a collaborative (and completely non-competitive) environment.

Who Are Our Clients?

Strata is committed to creating an inclusive experience for our customers, and as such, our database is frequented by a wide range of people — buyers, sellers, renters, and investors — of varying needs and backgrounds. But as an open database, we’re also a popular landing spot for anyone who’s curious about what the view looks like from a multi-million dollar penthouse. There’s never any obligation to work with us — we’re always happy to help and share information.

Have Any Questions? Contact Us

Office location: 340 King St East, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON

Phone: (416) 936-8881

E-mail: team@strata.ca