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    About Strata

    Strata is a Toronto-based real estate brokerage whose ultimate goal is to bring more transparency to the housing market. We do this by placing objective data directly in the hands of the customer.

    We use the latest technology to capture the most intuitive information, based on over a decade of aggregated sales and rental transactions. Sound complicated? It isn’t. We went to great lengths to present our data in a way that anyone (from a plumber to a philosophy major) could equally understand.

    There’s no shortage of websites out there with real estate listings. But we’ve made it our mission to tell you more about a listing than just the usual specs. From the exact size of a property to the likelihood it’ll attract multiple offers — we provide all the details you need to make educated decisions on properties of interest.

    When you’re ready, contact us. Our agents will lay out the pros and cons of each property and guide you to your new home.

    Our Backstory launched in 2017, after a two year collaborative effort involving a statistician, a couple of developers, and a real estate broker determined to create more transparency in the real estate market.

    Tired of the status quo, our priority was to radically improve the customer experience. We did this by allowing the public to access property data that was historically held behind a firewall. And we laid it all out for our site users, in laypeople terms and free-of-charge.

    Our business model is based on users contacting us for assistance in buying, selling or renting properties. Not looking for any assistance? That’s ok! Please enjoy the site and all it has to offer.

    Why 'Strata'?

    We feature both condos and freeholds (houses) on The word ‘strata’ often evokes images of high-rise condos, but the concept extends far beyond just these types of properties. Strata refers to the layers that make up a community, both in terms of the physical properties and the social connections within it.

    When you buy a house, you are not just purchasing a place to live, but a stake in the neighbourhood. You have a say in how the area is maintained and developed, and are responsible for your own slice of land within the larger strata.

    A house does not have the same legal structure as a strata-titled condo. However, it is still part of the strata of the community. So whether you live in a house or a condo, you are an important member of the neighbourhood and play a role in shaping its future.

    That is why we chose the name ‘Strata’ — it perfectly captures the essence of our real estate team and the work we do.

    Founder – Robert Van Rhijn

    Since obtaining his real estate license in 2008, Robert’s goal has been to merge data technology with core customer service values — in an effort to change the way people interact with the homebuying process.

    Robert initially spent four years at Remax Condos Plus, becoming the #2 ranking agent in the company. In 2012, he decided to strike out on his own and create his own brokerage. Since then, Robert has been fortunate to establish a team of like-minded agents, working in a collaborative, supportive, and non-competitive environment.

    You can read his full bio here.

    Get in Touch

    If you have questions, email us at or reach out to one of our real estate agents.

    Media Inquiries

    For interviews, please send your request to Media outlets can expect a response from either our Managing Director or Broker of Record.