Why Hire Us?

We’re a team of condo and loft aficionados who love Toronto. Why work with us?

1. We go beyond an assessment of your criteria, but into data analytics to assist you in the process. The data we use allows us to better assess a building’s reputation, based on objective metrics that tell us about the value a condo offers (relative to neighbouring condos), as well as its general desirability and reputation in the market.

2. When buying, selling or renting real estate — it’s those with the most knowledge who get the best value in the market. Want to know the age of a condo or number of units? You can find that anywhere online. Want to know whether a building has had a lawsuit recently, or has poor sound insulation? That is the kind of ‘intangible’ knowledge we know and share as full-time agents.

3. We don't work for one of the big real estate brokerages that imposes sales quotas. We’re a team of like-minded agents who love Toronto (check out our blog!) and we go at your pace, period. You’ll never feel pressured working with us.

4. We’ll always be candid with you. Every sale or lease is different — each with their own challenges and nuances. Whatever the situation, our approach is simple: We assess your best options and lay them out candidly for you. We’ll never sugar coat anything. We’ll always be direct, as this maximizes your likelihood of ultimately securing the right property.

Give us a call or send an email and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and criteria.

Yours Truly,

The Strata.ca Team

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