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    How much is my property worth?

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    Why Sell With

    Mass Exposure

    Sellers who list with Strata gain enormous exposure to potential buyers. Not only is your property featured on MLS and — but it’s also showcased on our popular listing platform,

    Strata gets over 1M unique visitors per month. And many of them are buyers who are looking for a property just like yours. Meanwhile, Strata is referenced regularly in the media, driving even more attention to your listing.

    After all, greater visibility not only streamlines the selling process — but also increases the likelihood of a quick sale at the optimal price.

    Staging Services

    In most cases, staging a home is worth the extra effort. By taking care of this process, you won’t have to lift a finger to ensure your property achieves the right aesthetic.

    The value of your home is not a single number etched in stone. It exists on a spectrum. Whether you sell on the higher or lower end of that spectrum is greatly influenced by the presentation of your home.

    That’s why it’s crucial to present your property with the most ideal use of space, furniture and decor that can appeal to the broadest scope of buyers. By working with only the best interior designers and stagers, the objective is to turn your property into a model home. This way, we can sell at the absolute highest price possible.

    Listing Strategy Based On Real-Time Data

    We have a dedicated team of statisticians, data managers and software developers behind Strata. While most agents only have access to TRREB’s monthly data dump, our agents have access to daily, real-time housing data. Selling your property means making decisions based on an informed pricing and listing strategy. It’s crucial to have the most up-to-date data to get the listing strategy right.

    Using a combination of local market expertise and data analytics, together we can decide:

    • The list price of your home
    • The pros and cons of setting an offer submission date
    • The optimal time to list

    Custom Listing Website

    Imagine having your property showcased on its own website. Regular listing platforms (such as MLS) are simply short-form spec sheets. They usually come with lower-resolution images and a very limited number of words to describe your property.

    That’s why we offer our seller clients a custom listing website to market their home. Not only does it feature full-screen HDR images, but an eloquent 150 - 200 word description of the property. There is also a dedicated neighbourhood description with a list of local amenities.

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