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    Strata is Hiring!

    If there’s one thing we’ve come to realize over the years, it’s that real estate agents want more from their brokerage. Unlike traditional ‘big box’ brokerages — Strata is also a marketing and technology firm offering a tangible set of tools to help our realtors meet their career goals. From mentorship and training to a full suite of marketing materials and CRM, our brokerage is more than just a place to hang your licence.

    Prospering in this business requires a problem-solver mindset, the tenacity to pursue every lead, plus an unwavering determination to succeed. These are exactly the characteristics we’re looking for in a Strata agent. After all, we want only the best on our team.

    Strata was founded by Robert Van Rhijn, who himself was a top-performing broker*. He understands what makes high-calibre agents stand out from the overwhelming majority of realtors: Top performers find a way to run the business of real estate. In other words, they recognize that nurturing leads, finding new clients and managing their personal brand is what makes the difference. These are arguably the greatest pain points for realtors. But at Strata, we offer the support you need, so you can focus on what you do best — closing deals.

    (After four years at RE/MAX, Robert Van Rhijn left the company as the #2 ranking agent based on year-to-date sales volume. He left in November 2012 to found his own brokerage.)

    What We Offer

    Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just getting started in this industry, here are the tools we provide to help you succeed.

    Marketing Support

    We’re one of the few brokerages that offer our agents tangible marketing materials they can actually leverage.

    For instance, your clients and leads will automatically receive a thoughtful, bi-weekly newsletter (24 annual touchpoints) authored under your name. You’ll also be able to turn on email drip campaigns, which include engaging articles your clients will find so helpful. Want to boost your social media presence? No problem. Each month, Strata agents have access to a calendar filled with social media content they can pick and choose from.

    The best part? No need for our agents to stress with third-party software or content generation. Our marketing materials are created (and executed) in-house by our team of writers, developers, and social media experts.

    Agent Training & Mentorship

    This is a career that demands you be part property appraiser, marketer, negotiator, city guide, economist, therapist, fortune teller…and the list goes on. That’s why it’s crucial to master your craft as a realtor. And that’s exactly what our training itinerary is designed to do.

    Strata offers two training sessions per week, giving agents a reliable forum to learn and connect. These sessions cover a variety of areas, including industry trends, market data analyses, and client best practices. Agents can also expect team-building exercises, such as open discussions, appraisal competitions, and scenario-based role play.

    When it comes to mentorship, Strata has a dedicated program for that, too. Under The Mentorship Plan — junior agents are paired with a senior agent for personalized support for their initial client transactions. Our program even allows mentees to attend in-person shadowing sessions to watch their mentor in action. (This program is entirely optional.)

    Exclusive Data Reports

    Our agents have access to in-house data reports on the housing market, which they can leverage with clients.

    Strata’s data is based on more than a decade of aggregated statistics. And the numbers can get very granular, too. With these reports, you can tell your clients which properties offer the best rental yield, or which offer the best value. In our highly competitive real estate business, these are tools that clearly distinguish us from the rest.

    Additional Tools & Support

    Aside from the features noted above, we also provide the tools to help streamline your business day-to-day.

    • CRM: Our in-house software is free and helps agents manage clients, create notes/reminders, and submit deal transactions. This is also the database from where your personalized marketing materials are pushed.
    • Office Access 24/7: All agents are welcome to use our workspace to catch up on tasks, connect with teammates, and even hold client meetings.
    • Virtual Assistant: Need help with paperwork? We have a dedicated assistant who can broker-load your listings, prepare your documents, and even coordinate the signing of those documents with your clients.


    If you’re looking for a brokerage with a large, bustling office — we’re probably not the right fit. We spend most of our time out with clients, yet we often turn to one another for advice and support. We communicate through video calls, a messaging app and in-person. We all know each other well, and each of us brings different strengths to the table.

    You're an ideal candidate if...

    • You love real estate and follow the latest market news and trends. Our clients are looking for informed advisors, not salespeople who simply unlock doors. If real estate is just a sideline and you're out of touch with the market, we’re probably not the right brokerage for you.
    • You’re self-motivated and genuinely interested in representing your clients with the highest level of ethics and expertise. We don’t impose sales quotas at Strata, and we recognize that reputation is everything in this business.
    • You are punctual, professional and responsive to your clients.

    Want to learn more?

    If you’re interested in joining our team, email our Managing Director at to set up an interview.

    *After four years at RE/MAX, Robert Van Rhijn left the company as the #2 ranking agent based on year-to-date sales volume. He left in November 2012 to found his own brokerage.