Strata is Hiring!

About Us was launched in 2017 and is now generating more GTA based leads than we can currently manage. We're looking for agents who have the skill and ability to assist our clients in purchasing, selling and leasing condos.

Strata’s objective has always been to empower the public with more transparency in the condo market. The site features in-depth data analytics, exact square foot unit disclosures, building rankings, as well as data-driven insights and articles — all in a manner that is accessible and easy-to-understand for anyone in the market.

In addition to the site data, we arm our agents with enhanced condo analytics to leverage with their clients, offering a better client experience and better distinguishing us from the competition.

We're referenced weekly in BlogTO and many of our articles and insights have been featured in Medium, Toronto Storeys, Toronto Sun, REM, Realty Times, and other publications.

Who are we looking for?

  • A licensed Buyer Agent with sales experience. Bonus if you're already familiar with the Toronto condo market.
  • A licensed Leasing Agent who can work the rental leads and eventually graduate to sales. Our average rental budget ranges from about $2,220 - $2,500.


Unlike most brokerages with a lead generating model, we actually scrub the leads before passing them off to our agents. Your time is better spent out with clients and listing properties than cold calling leads for hours each day.

In addition to the scrubbed leads, you’ll also have access to buyer and renter leads who are interested in booking property viewings on the thousands of condo listings featured on

When you have a full plate of clients, simply notify us and we’ll pause the lead referrals. When you’re ready to take on more business, we’ll resume the referrals.

The average Realtor will invest up to 30% of their income and often 50% of their working hours on marketing and prospecting efforts. As part of our team, you can focus on your clients, closing deals, and building relationships with new clients, rather than constantly searching for (and paying for) new business.


Our objective is for our agents to do two sales per month from the leads we provide.

Agents receiving buyer leads with a healthy conversion ratio of about two sales per month should be able to earn between $150,000 - $220,000 in annual net commissions (‘after’ your split to the brokerage). The estimated ramp up time to get to two sales consistently is about 3 - 6 months.

Agents receiving rental leads should be able to earn anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 per month in gross commissions, provided you work efficiently and qualify well — skills our training is designed to help you master.

We'll give you the leads, but your level of motivation, discipline in tracking and following up with the leads, market knowledge and your interpersonal skills will have a tremendous impact on your earnings. If you have the discipline to stay in touch with your ‘pipeline’ leads, two sales per month is very achievable.


Strata is a lean operation and we're entirely self-funded. We’re not at the mercy of demanding (and out of touch) investors, like most competing brokerages with a similar model.

As a result, the commission splits we offer for our leads are on average about 5% - 10% lower than other brokerages that offer leads. At two condo sales per month, your ‘net’ monthly commission will be anywhere from about $12,500 to $20,000 — depending on the value of the condos you’re selling.

Contact us for more details.

For your personal business, our splits start at 80/20 and cap at 100% once you've earned $200,000 in gross commission income.


If you're looking for a brokerage with a large, bustling office, we're probably not the right fit.

We spend most of our time out with clients or working from home, yet we often turn to one another for assistance, advice and support. We all know each other well, and each of us brings different strengths to the table.

Apart from our regular communication by phone, text and Slack, we hold a meeting about once per month to discuss changes in the market, how we’re growing our individual businesses and where there’s room to improve our businesses.

Our environment is completely non-competitive, and we hold regular training sessions at the office to strengthen our skills as advisors to our clients. We respect our clients (even the ones that take a little extra time...) and do everything we can to provide them with the highest level of service.

Tools and Support

We offer all the usual support (24/7 office access, CRM to manage clients, a dedicated contact person when you need help with a deal, 24/7 reception), but additionally, we also offer exclusive data reports to leverage with your clients, marketing tools (such as a customizable listing presentation package competing agents cannot beat), access to property platforms significantly larger than MLS, and much more.

All of the tools we provide give our agents a significant advantage over competing listing and buyer agents — particularly among sellers, who are quite thrilled to have their listing featured on’s homepage.


This is a career that demands you be part property appraiser, marketer, negotiator, city guide, economist, therapist, fortune teller, and the list goes on… It’s crucial you master your craft as a Realtor, and that’s what our 13 week training sessions are designed to do.

Each training session occurs in our office in-person (currently via Google Meet during COVID-19), where we engage in interactive discussions covering a range of the most challenging scenarios and objections we can face in this business. Our interactive training approach utilizes 'active learning' to better enable agents to retain each lesson.

Robert Van Rhijn, the founder of, was one of the top ranking Remax agents in Canada before founding Slate Realty. He personally wrote and developed each training course, based on marketing, prospecting and client management strategies that have proven to work for top producing agents.

Is Strata exclusive to condos?

Strata is, yes, although we as a team assist clients interested in 'all' residential real estate in Toronto. Our Strata website gives us enormous credibility in the condo space. For buyers and sellers of freehold properties, we use Slate Realty, our brokerage brand.

Our Slate brand was designed to convey a more sophisticated and boutique company with a modern edge, and our clients respond well to it. The brand is fresh and doesn't carry the same baggage most franchised brokerages do. Check out our brokerage site at

You are an ideal candidate if...

  • You are self-motivated and disciplined enough to block off time in your day to call and follow-up with your ‘pipeline’ leads (not to be confused with cold calling). We can give you the tools and the leads, but you must nurture them to stay top of mind.
  • You love real estate and are genuinely interested in following the latest news and trends in the market. Our clients are looking for informed advisors, not salespeople to simply unlock doors for them. If real estate is just a sideline and you're out of the loop, this position isn't for you.
  • You are punctual, professional and responsive to your clients. You are dedicated to real estate full-time and have a car.
  • You must have a real estate license or be in the final licensing courses.

If you’re interested in learning more, email or call us at 416-936-8881 to set up an interview.