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    Andrew Fargnoli
    Sales Representative

    About Andrew Fargnoli

    Andrew Fargnoli spent 17 years working in the alcohol and beverage industry before charting a new path in real estate. Through his time working in the Alcohol and beverage industry, Andrew was able to gain valuable networking and customer relations experience. It was in 2016 that he made the transition to real estate and discovered just how rewarding it could be to help clients find a home.

    “I certainly enjoy working with more seasoned buyers and investors, but I have a special place for first time homebuyers who are trying to forge their own path. However, even the most independent first time buyers need some guidance. I’ve always had an eye for things that people miss, so if I can point out that one detail that might have been overlooked, then I’ve made a difference.”

    Originally from London, Ontario, Andrew moved to Toronto in 1990 and never looked back. Through his time in the city, as well as his passion for volunteer coaching, Andrew has garnered intimate knowledge of the city and its communities. Knowledge that gives his clients an edge when looking for a home.