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    Bardia Motamed
    Sales Representative

    About Bardia Motamed

    Bardia brings a vibrant mix of experience and charisma to the Toronto real estate scene, with an impressive career in sales and customer relations. His approach to this business is characterized by an open and friendly demeanor. For him, the art of listening is priority — allowing him to empathize with the unique aspirations of his clients.

    “Helping people find joy in the real estate journey is what inspires me. As we search for your perfect property, it’s about making the overall process a smoother one. And ultimately turning our challenges into triumphs.”

    Prior to becoming a full-time agent, Bardia spent six years in sales. Some of his best years took place at the U.S. apparel company, Johnston & Murphy. That’s where he led his team to a 1st-place finish for highest sales and conversations in the region. Bardia’s natural ability to connect with people, and inspire those around him, is what’s made the difference during his transition to real estate.

    When not working, Bardia’s personal life is equally dynamic. As a self-proclaimed ‘social butterfly’, he enjoys playing soccer at a local club with friends. But some of his favourite moments are spent working on cars, studying vehicle computer codes, or delving into the creative world of interior design.