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    Cyrus Ghazvini
    Sales Representative

    About Cyrus Ghazvini

    Cyrus Ghazvini has worked in real estate for over 15 years, but his journey to the industry began long before: As the son of two real estate brokers, Cyrus was afforded a front row seat for the setbacks and victories that come with a career in real estate. Many agents can tout years of experience — few have the unique insight that comes with growing up around the industry.

    After receiving his BA, Cyrus elected to become an agent as well. Lured by the flexibility and excitement of a real estate career, he quickly found success and would eventually manage his parent’s brokerage, providing the perfect circumstances to learn the ins and outs. Through his years on the job, Cyrus has witnessed the growth of the condo market, from downtown Toronto to North York and beyond.

    Superb communication skills and friendly demeanour have served Cyrus well, and a lifetime spent around the industry has taught him the importance of keeping perspective. “Advances in technology and increased transparency has empowered buyers, renters and sellers, but having a competent, knowledgeable agent remains as worthwhile and valuable as ever.”