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    Galina Sheveleva
    Sales Representative

    About Galina Sheveleva

    Galina Sheveleva’s real estate approach is best described as comprehensive. An enthusiastic proponent of clear expectations and open communication, Galina operates with confidence and compassion, and her ability to provide detailed information in a concise manner has enabled her to flourish in Toronto’s competitive condo market.

    "Whether you're looking to buy or sell, my goal as an agent is not only to negotiate the best deal for you but also to take the stress out of the experience so that you can focus on being excited about your move."

    Galina joined Strata as a seasoned agent with an impressive resume of past successes: She completed her post graduate degree in communications and public relations and worked in marketing prior to becoming a licensed agent. Galina has worked with clients all over the Greater Toronto Area and across a wide array of demographics. She knows the ins and out of the market, and the pitfalls to avoid — and her clients are better for it.