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    Harishan Thaskaran
    Sales Representative

    About Harishan Thaskaran

    Resourceful, diplomatic and a true analytical thinker — Harishan has been helping others navigate the competitive GTA housing market with relative ease. After all, he believes many of his clients are already well-informed. They’re simply looking for a Realtor to smoothly facilitate their real estate transactions, while offering a professional opinion along the way.

    Having majored in City Studies at U of T, Harishan is intimately familiar with many Toronto neighbourhoods and the nuances of urban life. When it comes to his career, Harishan is an excellent agent who will do more than just present you with a list of available properties.

    “I not only bring my clients some solid real estate options, but I truly believe in acting as a negotiator on their behalf. My priority is to ensure their dream home is ultimately acquired at a fair price.”

    But it's not all business with Harishan. He's as personable as they come. Friendly, outgoing and charismatic by nature — this agent has a loyal client base, effortlessly making lifelong friends along the way.

    Surprisingly though, Harishan credits his problem-solving skills and competitive spirit to video-gaming. A big gamer outside of work, he likes to unwind by immersing himself in virtual landscapes. Leveling up your real estate portfolio just got easier with Harishan in your corner.