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    Harris Sitsabesan
    Sales Representative

    About Harris Sitsabesan

    Harris understands that buying or selling a home is a life-changing decision. So making clients feel comfortable, yet confident, is his top priority. When it comes to providing the best service, his personal enthusiasm for helping others is what keeps him motivated.

    With a strong background in Economics and Finance, Harris is acutely aware of various markets and income streams. Yet for him, real estate has always stood out as the best investment. That business knowledge is also enhanced with a delightful charisma that Harris credits to his many years in customer service.

    Born and raised in the GTA, Harris has experienced both urban and suburban lifestyles, allowing him to connect well with a wide range of homebuyers.

    “No matter your walk of life, I’m dedicated to an inclusive approach with anyone who wants to own, sell or rent their dream home.”