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    Jayde Cormier
    Sales Representative

    About Jayde Cormier

    If there’s one thing Jayde’s known for, it’s her ability to get the job done — no matter the circumstances. Given the daily challenges of the real estate market, it’s a quality that Jayde’s clients have come to particularly value. She has a solution for every problem, and rest assured she will always find it.

    That strength of character could stem from Jayde’s diverse background. Prior to becoming an agent, she worked as a case manager at a youth detention centre, helping children between the ages of 12–18. The compassion Jayde showed at her previous job has translated well into her long-term career as a realtor. Always having her clients’ best interests in mind — Jayde is not only a problem-solver, but also a natural listener and empath who cares deeply about people’s needs.

    Jayde eventually transitioned to this industry after working as an administrator for a successful real estate team, where she learned the back end of the business. Her understanding of the logistics behind real estate transactions has been an asset. Needless to say, Jayde’s clients are always well represented during deal negotiations.

    “I perform well under pressure, and can remain calm while thinking through situations quickly and logically.”

    If Jayde is a winner in the business ring, she’s also one in the boxing ring. Very few people know this, but Jayde is an amateur Muay Thai fighter who won the provincial championships in 2018.

    “Muay Thai has taught me how to stay driven and disciplined. It’s easy to make decisions based on emotions. But putting in the work and thinking things through, even when you don’t feel like it — that’s what will bring the results.”