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    Karen Chang
    Sales Representative

    About Karen Chang

    Karen comes from an incredibly diversified background, allowing her to connect with clients from all walks of life. As a certified mortgage agent, whether it’s providing market data or comparing loan options, this realtor is a fan of letting the numbers talk.

    With several years of account management experience in Marketing and Advertising, Karen is great at problem-solving and coming up with customized plans. This way, clients know exactly what to expect at each stage of their real estate journey.

    Ask others what they love about working with Karen — and they’ll tell you it’s her upfront, yet friendly, communication approach. Not only is she a natural at understanding their goals and needs; but she will go above and beyond to provide unique options and effective solutions.

    “I get the most satisfaction from helping others. Even when the market gets tough, my philosophy is always to smile under pressure.”

    Outside of work, Karen loves watching movies, going to concerts and visiting art galleries. She also prioritizes self-care by taking part in yoga and regular journaling. A little-known fact about Karen though is that she’s also a trained hip-hop dancer!