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    Monica Mak
    Sales Representative

    About Monica Mak

    Monica Mak’s interest in real estate was fostered by a love of architecture and design; before working as an agent, she would regularly attend open houses out of pure curiosity. Monica graduated with a degree in Biology and was employed as a researcher. But in regularly attending open houses and trying to sneak a peek inside of new condos, it occurred to Monica that a career in real estate made a lot of sense.

    In addition to her enthusiasm for the job, Monica brings the experience of having been a student renter, a buyer, and an investor—she owns a rental unit and is always willing to share her experience with prospective investors.

    “My number one priority is to make sure my clients are informed; there’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so having the right information is key to making an informed decision, whether you’re a buyer, renter, seller, or investor.”