Nate Légaré
Sales Representative

About Nate Légaré

Tenacious and incredibly resourceful, Nate credits much of his real estate success to a wealth of life experience. Prior to entering this business, he was fully immersed in the music industry as a signed touring artist. Whether it was forging international contacts or experimenting with creative strategies — it’s these kinds of skills that have translated well into Nate’s career as a realtor.

With an educational background in Digital Marketing, this tech-minded agent likes to view the real estate process as a highly-tailored marketing campaign. That’s because both involve merging insightful data with meaningful engagement, especially when buying or selling a new home. In the end, what you get is a realtor who knows how to represent clients in the most effective and favourable way.

Real estate has always been a part of Nate’s life since childhood, which explains his unwavering passion for the job. Having grown up with a parent who was a commercial contractor, he watched as they often built and sold their family homes.

“I'm no stranger to the fluctuating nature of this business, so I absolutely love unearthing hidden opportunities for my clients.”

During Nate’s off-hours, you’ll usually find him cooking up a feast. He also likes to dabble in interior design and decorate for friends who enjoy his aesthetic. Nate's favourite pastime though? Backcountry camping. After all, according to him, “You never know when you might find a well-priced piece of raw land!”