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    Nima Marya
    Sales Representative

    About Nima Marya

    Organized and diplomatic, with a natural talent for putting others at ease — Nima is the kind of realtor who brings genuine care to all her interactions. With a solid understanding of contracts and negotiations, she seamlessly transitioned into real estate following a pivotal journey through law school. After all, when it comes to homeownership, Nima’s priority is making sure her clients’ best interests are always protected.

    “Real estate is about more than just properties. It’s about a long-term vision for your future. I take the time to understand your unique preferences, so every recommendation aligns with your idea of the perfect home or investment.”

    Prior to becoming a full-time agent, Nima practiced personal injury law. She also worked for a leading tech company as an IT Product Manager and Finance Analyst. With a fascination for data and an appreciation for systems, Nima’s professional experience has cultivated a certain quality not found in other realtors.

    Outside of work, Nima places profound value on family. Whether it’s baking with her daughter, or watching foreign films with her husband — her happiest moments are spent with the two people she cherishes most. And that warmth certainly resonates when she’s back to her real estate endeavours.

    “Let's embark on a journey where every detail matters, every transaction is optimized, and your dream home is more than a destination. It's an experience crafted just for you.”