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    Paul Chetcuti
    Sales Representative

    About Paul Chetcuti

    Friendly and knowledgeable, Paul has become a trustworthy ally in this competitive housing market. Prior to becoming a full-time realtor, Paul worked as a Policy Advisor for Ontario’s provincial government. That experience likely explains his scrupulous attention to detail, a trait that’s served him well in this business. Paul is also a great communicator, something he credits to his time in the hospitality sector as the co-owner of a local restaurant.

    With a diverse career background, Paul is an excellent problem-solver, particularly known for his perseverance and positive attitude. He’s able to view each person’s real estate journey with a unique life perspective that clients have come to value.

    As an advisor, Paul’s mantra is simple: “Don’t gamble with your financial future. The house always wins.” It perfectly encapsulates his mission to provide clients with a secure investment that will benefit them for years to come.

    Outside of work, Paul remains connected to his creative side. He’s a music enthusiast, who also enjoys writing in his spare time. But as a husband and father, Paul will say his best moments are spent in the company of his family.