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    Sharon Stockla
    Sales Representative

    About Sharon Stockla

    Sharon has both personal and professional experience in the GTA housing market. She has spent decades living, working, and transacting real estate in many neighbourhoods across the city, bringing this wealth of knowledge to each of her clients.

    As a strong believer in education and a lifelong learner — Sharon has a psychology degree, and is certified as a law clerk, mediator, and IT project management specialist. Whether she’s trying to better understand people, simplify legal jargon, or stay on top of the latest housing trends, Sharon uses her unique educational background to stay sharp as an agent.

    When not with clients, Sharon loves taking in the arts, drawing inspiration from dance, theatre and music. On a trip to New York’s MoMA, she was struck by a painting from artist Michel Majerus. In it, there’s a quote that applies to art as it does to real estate: “What looks good today, might not look good tomorrow. Now’s the time.” She says this concept of taking action is what drives her to continue doing what she loves each day.