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    Upsham Kamboj
    Sales Representative

    About Upsham Kamboj

    An exceptional communicator by nature, Upsham Kamboj has a knack for turning even the most challenging conversations into an enjoyable experience. It's a skill he developed while working as a flight attendant for Air Canada, and if you've spent much time in the air, you know how important that skillset can be.

    Upsham adored travelling the world and taking in new cultures but real estate was always the end game. Upon completing a degree in City Studies from the University of Toronto — acquiring a vast sum of knowledge about policy formation and the dynamics of city planning — Upsham became a licensed realtor.

    A tech savvy agent with a firm grasp of interior design and extensive market knowledge, Upsham has proven to be a highly effective member of the Strata Team.

    "I was drawn to Strata for the boutique environment and the idea of working collaboratively as a team to help my clients navigate the buying and selling process. As we often say, 'None of us are as smart as all of us' and I believe there’s no team better suited to helping clients find a place to call home.”