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    Vivian Tran
    Sales Representative

    About Vivian Tran

    Outgoing, proactive, and always personable, Vivian is the ideal partner in navigating Toronto’s competitive real estate market. She believes not only in clear, consistent communication; but also in creating a comfortable space for candid discussions, so her client’s needs can always be met.

    With more than five years of sales experience in the tech and pharmaceutical industries, Vivian has certainly perfected her skills in client care. And with a degree in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario, this realtor has a deep understanding of human behaviour — which always comes in handy for deal negotiations.

    "No matter where you are in your property journey, I'm committed to serving you through all the ebbs and flows that come our way. This means working in a close-knit partnership to reach your investment goals, and celebrating each new milestone together."

    Outside of work, Vivian likes to stay active through running and working out. She also has a big passion for travel, and loves to immerse in new cultures, experiences, and cuisines.