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    Condos for Rent in Mississauga, ON

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    Renting a home in Mississauga

    Let’s make one thing clear from the get-go: Mississauga isn’t just an extension of Toronto. Not only is Mississauga a city in its own right, but it also happens to be the 6th most populous one in the country. Still, Mississauga residents benefit from living right next door to Toronto: many Mississauga dwellers work in Toronto, and vice versa.

    Mississauga reaches from Lake Ontario to the south to the 407 to the north, while the Etobicoke Creek and the 407 comprise the city’s east and west boundaries, respectively. Covering nearly 300 square kilometres and home to just under a million people, it’s no wonder Mississauga is so diverse in terms of both its landscape and its offerings.

    Naturally, Mississauga’s demographics are also extremely heterogeneous: more than half of the city’s residents speak a second language, and more than half are part of a visible minority. From international eateries and specialty grocery stores to cultural festivals — Viet Summerfest and Philippine Festival, to name a few — there are countless ways to engage with the manifold cultures of Mississauga.

    While the history of the land goes way back, Mississauga’s modern-day development occurred rather recently. The area closest to Lake Ontario served as cottage country for Torontonians in the 1920s, and the first suburban developments were built in the 1930s along with the QEW, however, larger-scale developments wouldn’t appear until late 1960s — around the time when Mississauga was established as a town. Mississauga would then experience two waves of development — one in the 1970s and one in the 1990s — that would shape it into the bustling city it is today.

    Townhouses also began to emerge in Mississauga in the late 1960s, becoming ever more popular over the following decade. Modern-day buyers seeking out sizeable condos for sale in Mississauga may actually want to opt for one of these original developments, as they tend to be much more spacious than contemporary townhomes. By offering buyers more bang for their buck, older complexes like the 2145 Sherobee Townhomes are ideal for those who would rather redesign and renovate to suit their tastes.

    With Mississauga so close to Toronto (and many residents commuting between the two as previously mentioned), it’s hard not to compare the prospect of buying a condo in both cities. The main difference — which may be obvious to some and surprising to others — comes down to cost: the average price of a condo for sale in Mississauga is approximately one third lower than one in downtown Toronto as of this writing, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.

    In addition to paying less up front for a condo, owning a condo as opposed to a house means saving money in the future, as maintenance and general upkeep tasks like landscaping, snow removal, and roofing are covered by the building. And with a good proportion of condos containing fitness facilities, condo buyers can also avoid paying for a gym membership elsewhere.

    Mississauga’s major growth spurts have long passed, however the city continues to grow denser with every coming year. With new developments appearing around the city all the time, there’s plenty of opportunity for condo seekers to buy pre-construction. In doing so, they’ll exchange their patience (as the building might not be inhabitable for several years after making the purchase) and trust (buyers can’t actually visit a building that hasn’t been constructed yet, having to rely on floor plans and model suites instead) for the chance to live in a more modern, efficient, and oftentimes eco-friendly home.

    Mississauga Neighbourhoods

    Mississauga is home to 22 neighbourhoods, and it would be a mistake not to start by describing the one at the very heart of the city: the Downtown Core. There are plenty of reasons to live in Mississauga’s Downtown Core, with working nearby and access to entertainment and amenities topping the list. And while Square One Shopping Centre is arguably the neighbourhood’s centerpiece, others visit this area in order to visit the Living Arts Centre and the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

    The celebrated developer Daniels Corporation is responsible for building a great deal of popular condos for sale in Mississauga’s Downtown core, including the Limelight Condos and the Chicago Condos. Both of these buildings are perfect for condo seekers who are after impressive (and unique) amenities: the former boasts a full-size basketball court, while the latter features a rock-climbing wall.

    Prospective residents seeking Mississauga condos for sale in both the city’s most happening neighbourhood and within its most iconic building can look no further than the Absolute World. The result of an international design competition — with China-based winner MAD Studio partnering with local firm Burka Architects — the duo of towers has been nicknamed ‘the Marilyn Monroe towers’ thanks to its curvaceous shape.

    It’s also entirely possible to find a condo for sale in a quieter, more serene part of Mississauga. Specifically, Port Credit is the perfect neighbourhood for anyone who wants to live within close proximity of Lake Ontario. Covering the land south of the Canadian National railway line and beginning just west of Seneca Avenue, Port Credit’s outdoor recreational spaces are situated around the mouth of the Credit River. The aptly named North Shore Condos allows residents to walk down to the lake (or the river, if they prefer) in just a few minutes — and with the building covering 23 storeys, plenty of its suites offer impressive views as well.

    Last but not least, those who want a small town vibe while still living in a major city can opt for a home in Streetsville, whose motto is “The Village in the City.” Although there aren’t any high-rises in this charming area, condo seekers can check out mid-rise and townhouse options like the Tannery Square Condos.