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    Condos for Sale in Mississauga, ON

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    Buying a home in Mississauga

    Mississauga doesn’t always get credit where credit is due: yes, it’s an easy commute to Toronto, and yes, rent is typically cheaper here, but neither of those things is what makes Mississauga special.

    Rather, one of the best things about Mississauga is its diversity — in terms of its people, its homes, and its landscape. Mississauga has the 6th largest population of any Canadian city, with just under a million residents, and its population reflects the country’s multicultural reputation perfectly. More than half of its residents are part of a visible minority, more than 20% are South Asian, and the mother tongue of more than 50% of locals is a language other than English.

    Mississauga’s growth is a relatively new phenomenon: established as a town in the 1960s and as a city in 1974, Mississauga’s population nearly doubled between the 1990s and 2019. As a result, developers have been (and still are) racing to build condos for rent in Mississauga to keep up with this increasing density and rental demand.

    Of course, condo seekers can always opt for vintage buildings, which tend to offer more bang for their buck. Some of the earliest townhomes in Mississauga, for example, date back to the 1970s, and these older developments tend to be more spacious than newer builds. The 98 Falconer Townhomes in Streetsville, for example, is made up of multi-level suites with either 3 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms plus a den. In addition to being generously sized, both unit price and maintenance fees for this building are lower than the neighbourhood averages.

    Sitting on the opposite end of the spectrum is Absolute World, a pair of eye-catching towers in Mississauga’s Downtown Core. Also known as the ‘Marilyn Monroe Towers’ thanks to their curved design, these condos are arguably the most iconic in the city.

    A final warning: while the price tags associated with condos for rent in Mississauga are relatively low, rent is on the rise with no promises to stop anytime soon. Between this, and the fact that rentals are in high demand in the growing city, renters are encouraged to stay focused, and to act fast once they do find something that suits them.

    Mississauga Neighbourhoods

    With 22 neighbourhoods scattered across Mississauga, it’s highly unlikely that a prospective renter can’t find something appealing. Some might crave a pleasant, suburban atmosphere, while others want to feel like they’re living in a happening metropolis — and thankfully both are viable options when renting a condo in Mississauga.

    Those seeking action and entertainment will want to focus their search around the Downtown Core neighbourhood. Between the Square One Shopping Centre, Playdium Amusement Centre, the Living Arts Centre, and countless restaurants, there’s always something to do here. Not to mention, living in the Downtown Core has its perks when it comes to convenience and accessibility: the Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal is situated just off of Rathburn Road, where residents can catch MiWay, Zum, and GO Transit buses.

    As for those looking for small town vibes, no Mississauga neighbourhood is quite as charming as Streetsville. Nicknamed “The Village in the City,” this area in northwest Mississauga contains a large number of historical buildings, idyllic local businesses, and a strong sense of community. And each year Streetsville puts on a number of family-friendly events including the Bread and Honey Festival and a Santa Claus Parade. As expected, condos for rent in Mississauga tend to be smaller scale in Streetsville, with absolutely no high-rise towers in sight. The Streetsville Centre Condos, for example, is one of the neighbourhood’s newest additions, with the 3-storey townhouse development containing just 201 units.

    Nature lovers seeking condos for rent in Mississauga are also accounted for. This group tends to feel right at home in Port Credit, a neighbourhood that, in addition to sitting right on the shore of Lake Ontario, also happens to be extremely accessible. Drivers living in the North Shore Condos, for example, can reach Toronto’s downtown core in as little as 20 minutes via the QEW. Those without cars can walk just 6 minutes in order to reach the Port Credit GO Station, and from there Union Station is only a 30-minute ride away.