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    Homes for Sale in The Annex, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in The Annex

    Playing the role of gifted little sister to sophisticated (read: pricey) Yorkville, the Annex comprises a laid back section of Bloor Street West, a refined stretch of Dupont Street, and the residential blocks in between. So, while Yorkville strives for status, The Annex takes a more scholastic approach to life.

    Perhaps The Annex’s proximity to the University of Toronto is what keeps the neighbourhood youthful, and the Toronto condos for sale affordable. While most of the campus lies just south of Bloor Street, a few campus buildings are actually within the confines of the neighbourhood, and the students who attend the university are known to take up residence in Annex condos.

    Eventually, it seems even graduates grow too fond of The Annex to vacate the area. Statistics show that the neighbourhood is home to generally well-educated residents whose average income is over $60,000. They likely picked up a few tricks over the years, such as where to score the freshest bargain sushi on Bloor Street, or how to avoid the crowds at their preferred watering hole.

    While The Annex is witness to bookish endeavours during daylight hours, the setting sun signals a switch being flipped. Restaurants along Dupont become filled with foodies, such as the bulk Anthony Rose’s empire: Fat Pasha, Rose and Sons, Big Crow, and Bar Begonia. Taverns and beer halls along Bloor Street become animated; these bars are some of the most reasonably priced in the city, including the Green Room, the Labyrinth, and Paupers Pub.

    Mural-clad Lee’s Palace is the go-to Annex concert venue, as well as one of the best sites for live music in Toronto. And finally, for late night munchies in a fittingly historical space, Vesta Lunch has been serving up greasy feasts 24 hours a day since 1955.

    Condo Life in The Annex

    Following its official establishment in 1886, the construction of homes began in order to house affluent Annexers. The majority of homes in The Annex are well preserved, and have today become a quintessential element of Toronto’s style of housing. Recognizable elements include great sweeping arches, turrets, and attics that are visible even from the streets.

    Today, the interiors of certain heritage buildings have been overhauled: The Loretto on Brunswick Avenue consists of 50 units within a school building that dates back to 1914, and the School House Lofts provides another 15 units in a similar setting just next door. Another interesting conversion found just north of the area is Madison Avenue Lofts, an art-deco style repurposing of a former Toronto Hydro building; most Annex condos are conversion lofts.

    Several members of the Eaton family, proprietors of Eaton’s department stores, are some of the first to habituate the neighbourhood. Other notable Torontonians have moved in over the years, such as author Margaret Atwood, environmental activist David Suzuki, comedian-actress Catherine O’Hara, and urban studies superstar Jane Jacobs, to name a few.

    Curiously enough, the tree-lined streets covered in these Victorian and Edwardian style homes and Annex condos now attract an agreeable mix of transient university students along with the more established, lifelong locals.


    Thanks to its central location, residents living in Annex condos have plenty of choice when it comes to transportation. Those without cars can make use of the Bloor-Danforth subway line, which cuts directly across the neighbourhood from east to west. Buses heading north up Bathurst and streetcars traveling south along the same street both depart from Bathurst Station.

    Bathurst, Spadina, and Avenue Road are all great options for drivers living in The Annex. Alternatively, Bloor East can be used to reach the Don Valley Parkway in just over 10 minutes.

    The Annex Overview

    The Locals: Students and recent graduates paving their way, guided by experienced scholarly neighbours who already know the drill.

    Code of Conduct: A work hard, play hard attitude is in full effect here. Studying or working diligently all day is generously rewarded after dusk.

    What You’ll Find: Some of the most stunning historical architecture in the city, divided evenly amongst fraternities and intellects.

    What You Won’t Find: Lamborghinis. The affluent residents living here are more likely to spend their pocket money on first edition Tolstoy’s.

    The Homes: Rich in character and ornamentation, however as of late with the possibility of breaking the bank. Virtually all condos are conversion lofts.

    Sealing the Deal: The amalgamation of brainpower in the area makes for constant intellectual stimulation, while cheap eats and entertainment also equates to extra pocket money.