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    Condos for Sale in Mimico, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Mimico

    When a Toronto neighbourhood is labeled underrated, we encourage prospective buyers to a move before it’s too late. Knowing just how quickly areas become trendy in this city — and consequently unaffordable — it’s smart to look to up-and-coming areas, rather than those that have already been identified as cool. In 2018, Mimico was labeled as one such neighbourhood, serving as proof that it’s about to explode.

    Part of Etobicoke, the Mimico neighbourhood is bound by the Gardiner Expressway, Dwight Avenue, a railway line, and Lake Ontario. The latter means those interested in Mimico condos for sale will be living close to the waterfront (should they make a successful bid). Best of all, Toronto condos for sale in this portion of the waterfront are considerably less expensive than those situated by Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto.

    Mimico’s history is even more interesting than its landscape: it became a police village after turn of 20th the century. For those who don’t know, the police village was a form of Ontario municipality employed from the 1800s onward. When a community didn’t have a large enough population or suitable funding to become a village, it would instead be classified as a police village. The difference between the two was that where regular villages had municipal councils, police villages were instead governed by boards made up of police officers.

    Although Mimico experienced a sizeable decline in population in the late 20th century, the neighbourhood is finally experiencing a renaissance. Young prospective buyers hoping to settle down and raise a family can find everything they’re looking for here — including public space galore and plenty of condos for sale in Mimico— at a fraction of the cost.

    Some of Mimico’s best parks can be found along the shore of Lake Ontario. From west to east, there’s the Norris Crescent Parkette, Mimico Waterfront Park, Amos Waites Park, Superior Park, Humber Bay Park West and Humber Bay Park East, and Humber Bay Shores Park. Yet the neighbourhood is as suitable for seafaring types as it is for land lovers: the Etobicoke Yacht Club and Mimico Cruising Club are both situated in Humber Bay Park West.

    When it comes time to shop, residents living in Mimico can find commercial businesses along both Royal York Road and Lake Shore Boulevard West. And thanks to the neighbourhood’s large Polish community (even the Consulate General of Poland in Toronto is situated in Mimico), baked goods imported from Eastern Europe are quite easy to find here.

    Condo Life in Mimico

    Many of Mimico’s single-family homes were built between 1920 and 1940, with low-rise condos and apartments going up over the next few decades. Even more recently, though, developers have noticed a renewed demand for Mimico condos for sale, and the result has been the creation of contemporary towers in the neighbourhood.

    At present, there are over 50 condos in Mimico, a handful of which have yet to be completed. Prospective buyers hoping to score a Mimico condo for sale during the pre-construction period are in luck, then, as the increasing popularity of the neighbourhood shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

    Luckily for those attracted to Mimico for its proximity to the lake, there are plenty of condos concentrated near the waterfront, such as Palace Place Condos at 1 Palace Pier Court, Grenadier Landing Condos at 5 Marine Parade Drive, and Hearthstone by the Bay Condos at 3 Marine Parade Drive. Alternatively, prospective buyers uninterested in soaring towers can opt for a home in a townhouse complex, such as the Grand Harbour Townhomes, the Townhomes at Mystic Point, or the Royalton.

    Those who prefer hard lofts, on the other hand, can check out the authentic conversion at 250 Manitoba Street. The building is known as the Warehouse Lofts, a name that points to its former function. As expected of an industrial conversion, suites contain window-clad walls and soaring ceilings, plus some even boast fireplaces.


    Mimico residents have plenty of options for reaching the downtown core. Union Station is just a 15-minute ride away on a GO Train, while the 501 streetcar heads straight toward the city centre as well. Another great alternative is to hop on a bus heading north toward Old Mill, Royal York, or Islington Station, all of which are situated on the Bloor-Danforth line.

    As for those with cars, living in Mimico means having a number of options for getting around. Lake Shore Boulevard is ideal for shorter trips, while those heading into — or past — downtown Toronto will want to hop on the Gardiner Expressway. The drive to Pearson International Airport is also made easier by living in Mimico: it takes just under 20 minutes to reach the airport via the Gardiner and the 427.

    Mimico Overview

    The Locals: Savvy types who know just how to make their money go as far as possible.

    Code of Conduct: Midlife crises might involve taking up some sort of watersport.

    What You’ll Find: Growing demand for homes in the area.

    What You Won’t Find: The city’s most stylish boutiques and galleries.

    The Homes: Bungalows dating back to the 1920s and contemporary high-rise condos, some of which are still under construction.

    Sealing the Deal: The affordability factor.