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    Homes for Sale in Bayview Village, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Bayview Village

    It’s hard to believe Bayview Village was ever considered “contemporary living in the countryside,” but this catchphrase was in fact dreamt up in 1954 when Farlinger Development Ltd. was initially planning the area. While the neighbourhood is no closer to the downtown core than when it was first developed, it’s no longer reminiscent of the countryside whatsoever.

    The Don River and the East Don Valley Parklands were a crucial part of this planning process: the curved streets that now define Bayview Village were designed to follow the area’s natural landscape. Aside from influencing the infrastructure, this ravine system is also filled with cycling and pedestrian paths just waiting to be explored.

    Part of North York, Bayview Village is much larger in size than most downtown neighbourhoods. As a result, the non-residential buildings in the neighbourhood are on a scale of their own. Bayview Village Shopping Centre is a sizeable mall with over 100 stores inside, and makes up the commercial centre of the area. Outside the mall is where the stores get even larger in size: Bayview Village is home to a massive Mountain Equipment Co-op and an even more monstrous Ikea.

    At the end of the day, Bayview Village is largely residential. Residents are active participants in community affairs, and have been since the neighbourhood’s conception. The volunteer-run Bayview Village Association has been active since 1956, and oversees all things local: safety, fairs, parks, development, and so on. Also serving the community are facilities like North York General Hospital and the North York YMCA.

    The majority of its streets are quiet tree-lined cul-de-sacs, with single-family homes that were predominantly built in the mid-20th century. A number of these houses back onto the ravine, offering its owners striking views of a natural landscape. Bayview Village condos and townhouses tend to be clustered in the southern portion of the neighbourhood, and are either on or near Sheppard Ave.

    Condo Life in Bayview Village

    Condo buyers have a lot of choice in this neighbourhood, with over 30 buildings to choose from for Bayview Village condos. There’s some nice variety in terms of architecture — low-rise townhome complexes, and some modern and traditional mid rise buildings.

    More recently, high-rise condos have been constructed between Sheppard Avenue and the 401. Daniels Corporation even turned to New York City for inspiration when creating the residential towers at 18 Kenaston Gardens West and 1-3 Rean Drive: they’re known as the Rockefeller on Bayview and the Chrysler, respectively.

    There are 2 major drawing points for prospective buyers — low price per square foot and living space; compared to units in downtown Toronto, Bayview Village condos have expansive floor plans, and prices that are well below average. There are still pricey options in the neighbourhood like The Chelsea Condos and Kenaston Gardens Condos, but buyers can generally expect some savings in this neighbourhood.

    For buyers who are concerned with budget, Bayview Manor Condo is one of the more affordable buildings in the neighbourhood, and 1 bedroom suites in this buildings are certainly within reach for first time home buyers. Those who want the best bang for their buck, would be wise to consider a sprawling townhome at Greystones.

    Many of the contemporary condos that grace the Bayview Village Neighbourhood, as well as a couple of townhouse complexes, were built in the early 2000s. Developers haven’t taken their eyes off the area since, and even today the area continues to grow with no signs of stopping.


    Bayview Village condos near Sheppard are ideal for residents who prefer to run errands on foot; while the southern portion of the neighbourhood is pedestrian friendly, residents who live in the north will likely need a vehicle or public transit to get around.

    Living in a neighbourhood that’s surrounded by major arterial roads makes traveling by car a breeze, and Bayview Village is no exception. The 401 makes up one of the boundaries of Bayview Village, and once on the highway the 404 is just a short ride away.

    It’s rare to have a subway line running right through a neighbourhood in North York, however Bayview Village residents are in luck: Bayview, Bessarion, and Leslie Stations are all situated in the neighbourhood. Passengers can travel along the Sheppard line from any of these stations, with a transfer onto the Yonge line available at Sheppard-Yonge, just one stop west of Bayview.

    Bayview Village Overview

    The Locals: Fashionable yet conscientious suburbanites.

    Code of Conduct: Joining the Bayview Village Association isn’t required, but it’s a surefire way to get involved and stay in the know.

    What You’ll Find: A sense of serenity that’s not possible in the downtown core.

    What You Won’t Find: A nightlife scene that extends past mall hours.

    The Homes: Mid-century houses alongside post-Y2K condos.

    Sealing the Deal: The ability to visit the ravine on a sunny day and the mall on a rainy one.