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    Homes for Sale in Bridle Path | Sunnybrook Park, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Bridle Path | Sunnybrook Park

    Nestled in North York, this upscale neighbourhood is comprised of 2 distinct residential areas — Bridle Path and Sunnybrook. In Bridle Path you’ll find sprawling mansions set on sizeable lots; this area is actually the most affluent neighbourhood in all of Canada.

    In Sunnybrook you have sizeable homes which for most would be considered mansions — unless compared to those in Bridle Path.

    Throughout the neighbourhood you’ll find winding residential streets with mature trees and large two-storey houses. No matter which part of this neighbourhood you call home — you can be sure that you have one of the most prestigious communities in the country.

    Bridle Path and Sunnybrook condos might not have the spacious lots that come with mansions in this neighbourhood, but they offer plenty of luxurious finishes and desirable amenities; plus, there are Bridle Path condos and Sunnybrook condos, so prospective buyers can choose which part of the neighbourhood they want to call home.

    As a collective, this neighbourhood is primarily residential — there are many schools in the area, including York University Glendon Campus. There’s a slew of athletic clubs for kids and expansive picturesque green spaces like Sunnybrook Park and Edwards Gardens.

    Most businesses in the area are located on Bayview and Lawrence — largely made up of retail stores, restaurants, and cafes. There’s also some service based businesses in the community for finance and IT. This neighbourhood is definitely geared towards families — and very successful professionals — so if budget is a concern of yours, spare yourself the heartbreak and look elsewhere.

    Condo Life in Bridle Path | Sunnybrook Park

    Condo buyers have several buildings to choose from in Bridle Path and Sunnybrook — there are over a dozen buildings in the area ranging from luxurious townhomes to swanky mid-rise condos. Features and finishes are high-end here, and that is reflected in the price tags of these units… which is to say, that Bridle Path and Sunnybrook condos are very expensive: Some notable properties include York Mills Heights Condos and Bellair Gardens Condos.

    Developments tend to be clustered around Bayview Avenue or Yonge Street. The majority of buildings offer an extensive list of extras which are bound to make residents feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury. The one drawback of this area is that it doesn’t have much in the way of urban convenience; Sunnybrook condos are a little more convenient than Bridle Path condos, but not by much.

    Condo life in the neighbourhood is all about privacy and exclusive living — so if you’re looking for a condo that gives you convenient access to neighbourhood attractions, then you might find these buildings lacking.


    While aesthetically pleasing, this neighbourhood isn’t pedestrian-friendly, and you’ll likely need a vehicle or public transit to run errands. There are bus routes on major roadways and some in and around the community, but most residents are car owners.

    Drivers can get to downtown Toronto or wherever they’re headed in a hurry — with the Don Valley Parkway to the east and the 401 to the north, you won’t have to spend much time in city traffic.