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    Buying a home in Clanton Park | Wilson Heights

    If you grew up in Toronto you’ve probably dreamt of owning a mansion in Rosedale, or a penthouse suite in the Bay St. Corridor, or maybe a converted loft in King West — and then as you got a little older, you realized how much those things cost and what it takes to get them… Welcome to Clanton Park and Wilson Heights; it might not be the neighbourhood of your dreams, but you can afford it.

    Nestled in North York, the Clanton Park and Wilson Heights area has become a desirable neighbourhood for first-time home buyers and growing families — due in large part to the availability of affordable housing. This neighbourhood feels like a bit of a throwback to the past; on quiet tree-lined streets you’ll find bungalows, world war II homes, and two storey detached houses — and kids playing in the street, which has become all too rare these days.

    Most will have guessed this by now, but Clanton Park and Wilson heights are two separate areas that are combined to form one neighbourhood — Clanton Park is in the north and Wilson Heights is in the south. For those who are keen on a condo, there are Wilson Heights condos and condos in Clanton Park.

    The neighbourhood has a long history, beginning as a small farm in 1827 — Clanton Park expanded and became a popular place for Jewish families. The most notable building in the area is the Beth David Synagogue — the exterior features concrete reliefs designed by Graham Coughtry. There are many green spaces nearby, including Clanton Park for which the neighbourhood was named.

    Wilson Avenue and Sheppard Avenue serve as the major roadways for the area — it is there you’ll encounter most businesses, which are primarily in the service industry; restaurants, cafes, law firms, and salons. There are several public and private schools in the area, and plenty of community centres and recreation facilities.

    Condo Life in Clanton Park | Wilson Heights

    The condo market has picked up here in recent years, with over a dozen buildings in the area and more on the way. Condo life in Clanton Park and Wilson Heights is very different than it is in downtown Toronto — but buildings in the area have tons amenities and are well located along major roads.

    A big plus for buyers here are that there’s a blend of traditionally-styled condos and modern buildings; Wilson Heights condos in residences like the eye-catching Gramercy Park Condos, have luxurious finishes and modern layouts; those in buildings like Terrace Heights II Condos, have larger suite sizes and more affordable price tags.

    Whether it’s condos in Clanton Park or Wilson Heights condos that you seek— it’s worth your time to check out what’s available in the area.


    This neighbourhood has a Walk Score of 56 — nothing to write home about. Fortunately, there’s great public transit in the area, with bus routes on every major road, and Wilson Subway Station is on the corner of Wilson Avenue.

    Drivers have no fear — you’re just minutes from the 401.

    Clanton Park | Wilson Heights Overview

    The Locals: Young professionals and young families, who speak a variety of different languages.

    Code of Conduct: Residents flock to Earl Bales Ski & Snowboard in the winter, and Don Valley Golf Course in the summer.

    What You’ll Find: A quiet neighbourhood with an abundance of shopping and dining nearby.

    What You Won’t Find: Townhouses or lofts.

    The Homes: Large single family homes — some new and some old — high-rise, mid-rise, and low rise condos.

    Sealing the Deal: Affordable condos.