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    Homes for Sale in Maple Leaf, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Maple Leaf

    Don’t bother scouring the streets for Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, or John Tavares — we’re pretty sure they don’t live here.

    Bounded to the north by the 401, Maple Leaf is a commuter friendly neighbourhood in the North York area. As a predominantly residential neighbourhood, the community is largely made up of quiet streets, with detached bungalows, world war II style homes, and 2-Storey houses. Additionally, there are a few low-rise apartments and Maple Leaf condos.

    Maple Leaf is an ideal choice for nature lovers; residents have an abundance of parks to enjoy, the largest being North Park, which has creekside walking trails and a playground for kids. One knock on this neighbourhood, is that there isn’t much in the way of entertainment, and there aren’t many sports complexes either.

    Falstaff Community Centre is located on the north end, and has programs for children. Amesbury Community Centre resides just beyond the southern boundary, which has an arena and a baseball diamond. There’s not much of a business community in the area, with only a few retail and dining options on Lawrence Avenue and Jane.

    There are several schools in the neighbourhood from primary to senior high, seniors’ homes, and some financial institutions.

    Condo Life in Maple Leaf

    Maple Leaf hasn’t garnered much attention from condo developers, and as it stands, there are only 2 buildings in the neighbourhood; Visto Condominium on Maple Leaf and 102-220 Rory Road Townhomes.

    Fortunately, Maple Leaf condos do provide some variety in terms of living experience; at Visto you’ll get amenities and suite sizes you’d expect from a modern condo — units range from 449 to 1108 square feet and amenities include a gym and party room. 104-220 Rory Road Townhomes provides larger suite sizes and most units are around 1200 square feet, giving these townhomes a house-like feel, but amenities are all but non-existent.

    The biggest draw for Maple Leaf condos is the low price per square foot — especially for families who are looking for reasonably priced 3 bedroom suites. Maple Leaf condos are clustered around Keele Street, placing residents within walking distance of bus routes.


    Maple Leaf has a Walk Score of 66 — but is by no means the Mario Lemieux of walkable neighbourhoods; residents will likely need a vehicle or public transit to run their errands. Those who rely on public transit have bus routes on major roads, but there aren’t any GO Stations of subway stations in the neighbourhood.

    Drivers will have an easy commute — if the 401 can be called easy — with the 400 to the west and 401 to the north.