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    Homes for Sale in Parkwoods | Graydon Hall, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Parkwoods | Graydon Hall

    Named for Parkwood Village Drive which was first settled in the 1830s, Parkwoods – Graydon Hall is a family neighbourhood in the North York area, home to winding residential streets and vast stretches of parklands. Parkwoods is the larger portion of the neighbourhood located east of the Don Valley Parkway — Graydon Hall is west of the Don Valley Parkway, and occupies a small section in the northwest corner.

    The neighbourhood is quite large, extending from the 401 to St. Lawrence Avenue. On tree-lined residential streets you’ll find a mix of bungalows, semi-detached houses, 2-storey homes, and back splits. The condo scene isn’t bustling, but there are a number of Parkwoods condos, and a few buildings in the Graydon Hall portion of the neighbourhood as well.

    Being a family neighbourhood, there are several schools in the area — public, catholic, and private — ranging from primary to senior high. Victoria Terrace Shopping Centre is on the south end of the neighbourhood and houses a variety of retail stores and a GoodLife Fitness Centre. On Lawrence, you’ll find salons and restaurants, with additional options on York Mills Road.

    For nature lovers — this is one of the better neighbourhoods in the GTA; Deerlick Creek runs through the neighbourhood, shadowed by the tree-shrouded Brookbanks Trail. Plus, there are many parks in the area with playgrounds and outdoor recreation activities.

    Condo Life in Parkwoods | Graydon Hall

    If you’ve been dreaming about owning a condo in Parkwoods and Graydon Hall, you’re probably in the minority. Trendy downtown Toronto neighbourhoods tend to get the most attention from prospective buyers, but those who are driven by value, would be wise to consider a condo in this area.

    Parkwoods condos can be found modern and traditional high-rises, and 1 aesthetically pleasing mid-rise building — 88 North Condos. Units in this neighbourhood have incredible value and are well below the price per square foot of most Toronto condos — floor plans are also quite generous, and it’s entirely possible to find a 1000 square foot 2 bedroom condo for half the price of a 1 bedroom in downtown Toronto.

    Building amenities are competitive with other properties in the GTA — most condos provide gyms, party rooms, concierge, and on-site security. Condo buildings are clustered in the Parkwoods section, but no matter where you’re located, you’re never far from a park.


    Parkwoods condos might be a disappointment for some buyers, as the neighbourhood has a 62 Walk Score — nothing to write home about. Most residents will require a vehicle or public transit to run errands, and those who don’t, have inhuman stamina. Unfortunately, the neighbourhood doesn’t have great public transit either; there are bus routes on major roads, but much of the community is without service.

    Car owners have it the easiest of all residents — with the Don Valley Parkway extending along its western border and the 401 to the north, drivers won’t have to spend much time in city traffic.

    Parkwoods | Graydon Hall Overview

    The Locals: Diverse families.

    Code of Conduct: Graydon Hall is the signature event venue for the neighbourhood.

    What You’ll Find: Parks.

    What You Won’t Find: Excellent public transit.

    The Homes: Bungalows and split levels, with some modern 2-storey houses and high-rise condos.

    Sealing the Deal: Green spaces and an easy commute for drivers.