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    Homes for Sale in Bendale, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Bendale

    Founded in 1796, when the first European settlers moved into the area, this Scarborough neighbourhood began as a standalone community. When the town received its first post office, it took the name Benlomond; unfortunately, there wasn’t much due diligence done in naming the town and that name was already taken, so they settled on Bendale.

    As housing prices in Toronto remain high, Bendale continues to be a desirable neighbourhood for new families and first-time home buyers — and Bendale condos provide the best opportunity to crack the market. Carved up by a sizeable green space in Thomson Memorial Park, residents of this community enjoy plenty of outdoor recreation activates, and a slew of family-focused entertainment options.

    Most restaurants and commercial spaces are located at the intersections of Lawrence Avenue and Midland Avenue, Lawrence and McCowan, and on Progress Ave; here you’ll find fast-food chains, banks, and a variety of specialized shops. There are catholic schools and public schools in the area, plus several religious centres.

    Scarborough Town Centre sits on the northern boundary of the neighbourhood; home to an assortment of retail stores and a Cineplex for the catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

    Condo Life in Bendale

    Bendale condos have a lot to offer for prospective buyers — with over a dozen condo buildings completed and more on the horizon, buyers are certain to find a building to match their taste and budget. Even expensive buildings in the area are cheap when compared to downtown Toronto condos, and many 2 bedroom units in buildings like The Omni Condos and Omni Forest Mansion I sell for the price of a 1 bedroom unit in an area like the Financial District.

    The majority of Bendale condos are clustered around Scarborough Town Centre — which is an ideal location, placing residents within walking distance of restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and TTC service. Building amenities are competitive, and most feature private gyms, pools, concierge and on-site security.

    Some buyers may see the close proximity to the 401 as being undesirable, but for those who commute by car, Bendale condos provide a dream location.


    This neighbourhood is not an urban paradise, but it’s certainly walkable for residents who live in condos near major intersections. For getting around quickly, there are many bus routes crossing the neighbourhood on Lawrence, Ellesmere, Bellamy, McCowan, and Midland. For longer trips, there’s McCowan Station and Scarborough Centre Station for subway lines.

    Drivers can easily navigate the area by heading north to the Ontario 401, and from there it’s easy to connect to the Don Valley Parkway for travel downtown.