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    Homes for Sale in Morningside, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Morningside

    If you’re easily entertained and have always wanted to live in a park, then Morningside Condos could be your next home. On other hand, if allergies bludgeon you from March to August and you crave a vibrant nightlife — you should definitely look somewhere else.

    Morningside, also known as Seven Oaks — probably due to the abundance of trees — is a family neighbourhood in the Scarborough area. For nature lovers, this is a paradise, as the vast majority of the neighbourhood is comprised of parklands, with creeks meandering their way through the area and walking trails scattered across Morningside.

    There’s more to keep children entertained here than adults — playgrounds, splash pads, and basketball courts. Cedar Brae Golf Club sits on the eastern boundary, and is just about the only form of entertainment that parents will find. For restaurants, pubs, and cafes, you’ll have to venture outside the neighbourhood, which could be a major drawback for buyers and has likely contributed to lower housing prices.

    Parents have several schools to choose from for their children in the public and catholic boards; unfortunately, athletic clubs and community centres are nowhere be seen, so once again, residents will need to look outside of their neighbourhood for such activities.

    Condo Life in Morningside

    Sleepy neighbourhoods have sleepy condo scenes and Morningside condos don’t buck that trend at all. There are only 2 condo buildings here — Mapledale Condos and 10 Livonia Condos — fortunately, the living experiences found in these buildings are decidedly different.

    Mapledale is a 16-storey condo housing 331 units — suite sizes range from 600 square feet to just over 1200; the building provides reasonable amenities including a gym, pool, sauna, tennis court, and on-site security guards. By far the most appealing aspect of this property is price, with units selling for far less than half the price of condos found in more urban areas.

    10 Livonia Condos is a large townhome complex, offering suites which range from 1000 to 1500 square feet. Amenities are quite limited — as you would expect from a townhome — but units have great value, and you can get a 4 bedroom unit here for the price of a 1 bedroom in downtown Toronto.

    While not flashy, swanky, or — insert buzz word here — Morningside condos are an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to save some money on their next home.


    If you’ve been following along, then you’re ready for a disappointing Walk Score — 53… crickets. Morningside isn’t a walkable community, and there’s no chance of running errands on foot. Adding insult to injury, public transit options are also limited, with only 3 bus routes in the area and no GO Stations.

    For drivers, none of this matters, because the 401 is just a few minutes south on Morningside Avenue, making it easy to connect to major highways.

    Morningside Overview

    The Locals: Diverse young families, and people who really like nature.

    Code of Conduct: Residents enjoy picnics at Morningside Park because there’s nothing else to do.

    What You’ll Find: Green spaces around everything corner.

    What You Won’t Find: Nightlife, restaurants, shiny condo buildings.

    The Homes: 2-storey houses, ranch style bungalows, split-level homes, and a sprinkling of condos and apartments.

    Sealing the Deal: Unparalleled access to nature.