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    Homes for Sale in Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale

    Settled by William Dumont in 1798, the Milliken family first moved into the area in 1807, establishing a lumber business in what came to be called Milliken’s Corner. Predominantly a farming village, Milliken actually remained as the site of farming activities up to 1980, when the rapid development of the neighbourhood could no longer be resisted, and land was inevitably used for housing.

    In modern day, this Scarborough neighbourhood goes by a different name — the Port Royal, Goldhawk, and Armdale area. It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue with the same ease of passage, but the modern name is a representation of the 3 distinct neighbourhoods that are now joined to form one area.

    Armdale is the eastern section and is largely made up of commercial and industrial spaces; Gold Hawk is in the middle and mostly residential, and Port Royal is in the west and also comprised of residential streets.

    When touring the neighbourhood, you’ll find residential streets which are packed with 2-storey detached houses; character is often lacking, as most homes resemble the houses on either side of them. Port Royal, Goldhawk, and Armdale condos are evenly distributed throughout the area, with a slightly higher concentration in Gold Hawk, and prices are often lower than that of downtown Toronto condos.

    The neighbourhood has a large commercial centre on Steeles Avenue; home to a range of retail stores, restaurants, and the Pacific Mall — which is host to many businesses and retail shops. There are pubs in the area, fitness centres, athletic clubs, and a variety of service based businesses. Residents have a number of schools in the neighbourhood, plus a range of recreational facilities.

    Condo Life in Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale

    If you’re going to call this neighbourhood home, you can’t go around telling people that you live in Port Royal, Goldhawk, and Armdale, as this is likely to lead to some confusion. Some residents refer to the general area as Milliken, and the neighbourhood as Port Royal — you can go with Goldhawk if you want, which seems like the name that Chuck Norris would likely give to a pet bird… moving on.

    The condo scene in Port Royal, Goldhawk, and Armdale is heavy on high-rises — most of which were built in the 80s. As if often the case with older buildings, prices are very affordable and suite sizes are generally larger than those of modern condos, but finishes could be dated; for this reason, properties like The Ambassadors I Condos and The Gatsby Condos are great for families.

    Port Royal condos provide the standard amenities — gym, sauna, party room, and security — however, there are a few condos which have pools and tennis courts. Most buildings are centered around McCowan Road, providing residents with a nearby green space and bus stops within walking distance.


    Port Royal condos come with a 65 Walk Score — that’s by no means the best Walk Score in the GTA, but residents can run some errands on foot. Those who rely on public transit to get around, have many intersecting bus routes in the area, with stops on all major roads. For longer trips, Milliken GO is on Redlea Drive for GO transit.

    The majority of residents in this neighbourhood are drivers — and it’s easy to see why, with the 407 to the north, 404 to the west, and 401 to the south, car owners can get where they’re going in a hurry no matter which direction they’re heading.

    Port Royal | Goldhawk | Armdale Overview

    The Locals: Families of all ages, and professionals who commute.

    Code of Conduct: Residents say hi to their neighbours, instead of avoiding eye contact like its an infectious disease.

    What You’ll Find: A suburban neighbourhood.

    What You Won’t Find: Luxury condos.

    The Homes: Trendy nightlife options.

    Sealing the Deal: Affordable single-family homes and condos.