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    Condos for Sale in Scarborough Village | Guildwood, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Scarborough Village | Guildwood

    Rather than mixing the two, the residential and commercial pockets within Scarborough Village and Guildwood are, for the most part, kept separate from one another. This way, residents can enjoy living along tranquil, tree-lined streets, without being bothered by too much through traffic.

    Guildwood is particularly residential, with the majority of its shops situated at the intersection of Guildwood Parkway and Livingston Road. Here, residents can find a Canada Post, the Toronto Public Library’s Guildwood branch, a medical centre, a grocery store, and a number of fast food options. As for Scarborough Village residents, commercial businesses such as a Metro, Beer Store, Goodlife Fitness, and Walmart Supercentre can be found along Eglinton East.

    Situated just north of Lake Ontario, anyone thinking about purchasing a Guildwood condo for sale in the southernmost section of the neighbourhood will certainly benefit from living along the waterfront. Sylvan Park, South marine Park, and Guild Park and Gardens are all situated along the top of the Scarborough Bluffs. A perfect summer Saturday for residents might even involve walking along the waterfront trail that connects all three. Yet no matter what part of the neighbourhood one lives in, there’s likely a park nearby. Those living to the north have access to Greenvale Park and Cedar Ridge Park, both situated just north of Kingston Road.

    While each of these parks is beautiful in its own right, the history of Guild Park and Gardens is particularly fascinating. Guild Inn – a former artist colony and hotel — formerly occupied the area, with its owners also once in possession of the surrounded 450 acres. The Guildwood area only became residential after much of this land was sold to developers in 1950s, following which cul-de-sacs and large estates were built. The Guild Inn (which happened to be used as navy base in WWII) operated as an inn until 2002. In 2017 the new Guild Inn Estate was completed, and now functions as a picturesque event venue.

    Oddly enough, the Guild Park and Gardens is filled with architectural relics from buildings that once stood in Toronto’s Financial District, dating back to late 19th and early 20th centuries. Pillars salvaged from the 1913-built Bank of Toronto now make up the backdrop for the park’s Greek theatre. The park is also watched over by the Friends of Guild Park and Gardens, a group that organizes events including movie nights, walking tours, shoreline cleanups, and an annual holiday tree lighting ceremony.

    Condo Life in Scarborough Village | Guildwood

    Mainly occupied by single-family homes, condos for sale in Guildwood are especially hard to come by. Guildwood is home to only 5 condo buildings, while 8 more are situated in Scarborough Village. Most of the condos in the neighbourhood are concentrated near Kingston Road, which makes things easier for those who drive.

    What’s more, the buildings in the neighbourhood are unpretentious and intimately sized. The Gates of Guildwood Condos and Gates of Guildwood II Condos were built 1990 and 1991, respectively, and reach to just 15 storeys each. Then there’s 8 Cromwell Road, sandwiched between Kingston Road and the Scarboro Golf and Country Club, with its 55 red brick townhouses.

    Those attracted to Guildwood for its proximity to Lake Ontario will easily fall for the Guildwood Townhomes, as this is the only Toronto condo situated right beside the bluffs. Sitting pretty on the northeast corner of South Marine Park, it’s a good thing there are nearly 150 units in the complex.


    Those thinking about making a bid on a condo for sale in Guildwood should evaluate their transportation options first, as the subway isn’t necessarily within close reach. Kennedy is the nearest subway station, which can be accessed via the 116 Morningside bus. Another great option for those who want to reach downtown Toronto is the GO train: the ride from Guildwood Station all the way to Union Station takes just under 30 minutes.

    As for those who drive, using Kingston Road is practically unavoidable when living in Guildwood and Scarborough Village. Those heading toward downtown Toronto can take this fast-paced road all the way to the Beaches, where they can transfer onto Lake Shore Boulevard East, and eventually the Gardiner Expressway after that. As for those traveling into various suburbs of Toronto, the 401 takes just 10 minutes to reach via Kingston Road — when the traffic cooperates.

    Scarborough Village | Guildwood Overview

    The Locals: Anyone attracted to affordable homes in an idyllic setting.

    Code of Conduct: Knowing just how to avoid the crowds at the Scarborough Bluffs quickly becomes second nature to residents living in this neighbourhood.

    What You’ll Find: One of the quirkiest parks in the city.

    What You Won’t Find: Trendy boutiques and snack bars.

    The Homes: Large single-family estates and modern (yet modest) condos.

    Sealing the Deal: The meditative effect of strolling along the waterfront trail.