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    Homes for Sale in Wexford - Maryvale, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Wexford - Maryvale

    If there’s one thing that humans love, it’s rankings. Whether you’re talking about hockey teams, travel destinations, or the best Ben and Jerry’s ice cream — it’s Cherry Garcia, get out of here if you said anything different — we love a good ranking. Which brings us to a 2013 article in Toronto Life magazine, which ranked Wexford - Maryvale as one of the top 10 neighbourhoods in the city.

    Obviously, rankings can be subjective, but in this case, it’s easy to see the appeal of this family neighbourhood. Located just east of the Don Valley Parkway, Wexford - Maryvale is tucked away without being far away. On residential streets you’ll find a blend of 2-storey houses, bungalows, and back splits — with some Wexford - Maryvale Condos sprinkled throughout the area.

    On the southern end of the neighbourhood is a large commercial centre — home to big box stores, retail outlets, well known restaurant chains, and health clubs. Lawrence Avenue cuts across the middle of the neighbourhood, where you’ll encounter unique international restaurants, and car dealerships. And lastly, residents have another commercial area in the north end.

    For families, there are several schools in the neighbourhood, plus plenty of activities to keep the kids busy after school; Ellesmere Community Centre has youth programs and athletic facilities. Ultra Sports Centre houses many different courts and fields; there’s bowling lanes at Parkway Bowl, and playgrounds and walking trails at Willowfield Gardens Park.

    Condo Life in Wexford - Maryvale

    The condo scene in Wexford - Maryvale mainly consists of older buildings, with only a few new properties in development; that may turn some buyers away, but If affordability and space are atop your list of priorities, then Wexford - Maryvale Condos are a great fit.

    Families on a budget will likely get the most of Wexford - Maryvale Condos; 1100 square foot 3 bedroom units in buildings such as 2150 Condos can sell for less than than the price of a 1 bedroom unit in downtown Toronto. For buyers who want a 1 bedroom — prices in this neighbourhood will have you feeling like it’s 1999 all over again.

    The best bang for your buck resides in units at The Kaleva Condos; built in 1985, this building offers a reasonable list of amenities, and suites which range from roughly 1000 square feet to over 1600. Most buildings are located on the eastern and western boundaries of the neighbourhood, placing residents on transit lines.


    Wexford - Maryvale Condos aren’t as pedestrian friendly as their counterparts in downtown Toronto, but with a 67 Walk Score, residents can run some errands on foot, but most will require a vehicle or public transit.

    Unfortunately, public transit is somewhat limited — there are bus stops on major roads, but residents who live away from major roadways might have to burn a few calories to find a nearby stop.

    Car owners have a very driver friendly location — head west on York Mills, Lawrence, or Eglinton, and you’ll be on the Don Valley Parkway in minutes.