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    Homes for Sale in Old Mill, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Old Mill

    Comprised of 3 subdivisions separated by green spaces — Old Mill, Baby Point, and Warren Park — Old Mill is a charming tree-shrouded neighbourhood in the York Crosstown area. As an upper-middle class neighbourhood, the majority of homes in the area are 2-storey houses on medium sized lots, but there are some detached houses and apartment buildings as well.

    By far the most enticing aspect of Old Mill condos is the availability of nature — bounded by the Humber River to the west, residents enjoy picturesque walking trails and woodlands along the Humber River Recreational Trail. There are also several parks dispersed throughout the neighbourhood, featuring playgrounds, tennis courts, and various sports fields.

    Businesses in the area are located on Dundas, Finch, and Bloor — there are great restaurants on Bloor, both within the neighbourhood borders and just outside of them; residents have a selection of lesser known eateries such as The Good Fork and well known chains such as Fat Bastard Burrito.

    If ‘morning’ is a dirty word in your household and the day can’t start without a freshly brew coffee, you’ll find that Old Mill condos place you near a plethora of cozy cafes — Coffee Tree Roastery, The Coffee Bouquets, Golden Gecko Coffee, and more. Also, for any creatures of habit or hopelessly loyal customers, there’s a Tim Hortons on Bloor for a fresh double-double.

    Beyond dining, there are specialized retail stores, athletic clubs, and salons. Humber Cinemas is on Bloor for movie nights, and there are a few pubs in the area for a relaxing drink. Parents have several schools to choose from for primary, middle, and senior students, and multiple daycares for those with young children.

    Condo Life in Old Mill

    Now comes the hard part — after selling you on Old Mill condos, it’s a little awkward to have to say this… but there's only one option for Old Mill condos, because there's only one building for Toronto condos in Old Mill… yeah, not ideal.

    The Kensington at Old Mill Condos is currently the only building for condo seekers, and units here are pricey. Making matters worse, is the fact that there’s only one building currently in development; 2452 Bloor Street West Condos. When completed, 2452 Bloor Street West Condos promises to provide comfortable homes, just minutes from subway lines and restaurants.

    There’s not much for condo owners here just yet, but renters can get a lifestyle that’s identical to what you’d find in a condo; Premiere Suites resides on Bloor, just on the southern edge of the neighbourhood, providing furnished apartments in a condo style building. Prices are quite affordable, making this a great choice for buyers who are looking to enter the market but want to rent for a little longer while they save for their down payment.


    With a Walk Score of 70, Old Mill manages to deliver quiet residential streets and convenient access to stores for daily errands; Old Mill has all the necessary — cough, boring, cough — businesses in the area to support local shops and make it easy to run errands, such as corporate offices, laundromats, suppliers, and more.

    Residents who rely public transit have bus stops on all major roads, and some on residential streets. For longer trips, Jane Station is on the south side of the neighbourhood for subway lines, so residents can get to downtown Toronto in a hurry.

    Nobody in the history of Toronto has ever moved to this city for driver friendly streets — and if someone tells you they did, then you should avoid that person at all costs. Car owners won’t need to spend too much time bashing their heads into the steering wheel and shouting “why me?” at the top of their lungs; which is to say, that they can quickly reach the Gardiner Expressway by heading south on Kingsway S — avoiding the congested city streets in favour the congested Gairdner Expressway.

    Old Mill Overview

    The Locals: Young Families.

    Code of Conduct: Getting your espresso from a locally owned cafe… sorry Tim Hortons.

    What You’ll Find: A picturesque neighbourhood resting against the eastern banks of the Humber River.

    What You Won’t Find: Condos in Old Mill.

    The Homes: Immaculately maintained 2-storey houses.

    Sealing the Deal: Bloor Street on the southern boundary.