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    Concierges: Are they for Everyone?

    A concierge and a loft very rarely go together, however there are exceptions. Here we detail the pros and cons of having a concierge.

    Written By Jessie Pereira

    Concierge Pros

    Depending on the building — its size, demographics, and management — the duties of a condo concierge may vary greatly. While Hollywood movies might be faulted for creating a few false expectations, condo concierges aren’t just hired to sit there and look pretty, either.

    The various types of security are something to be taken into account when looking to purchase a condo.

    Concierges do everything from greeting residents and guests as they enter the building to receiving packages for residents. This can set the mood for a condo or loft that, while not entirely necessary, is quite nice.

    On top of acting as a friendly gatekeeper, the concierge is also responsible for the safety and well being of a building’s residents. They are trained in emergency response, and can be the difference between a small incident and a full-blown disaster.


    Concierge Cons

    While this all sounds good and lovely, condo concierges aren’t for everyone. For one, if they’re not good, they’re bad — just like how a bad server at a restaurant can ruin the entire experience, only in this case you have to see them every day.

    Further, a resident who does not understand the roles of their concierge can lead to…misunderstandings. The last thing someone wants to do is to offend a concierge by asking them to do something that’s a far cry from what’s in their job description.

    Another negative to a concierge is the cost. Although you may not think about it every day, you are — as the owner of a condo — paying for your concierge via your maintenance fees.

    Alternatives to a Costly Concierge

    Seeing as the main drawback to having a concierge is the cost, understanding the alternatives is an important step in making an informed purchase.

    Security Guard: This option is not all that different from a concierge, in that part of your monthly fees will still go toward paying for someone’s labour. However, a security guard will usually cost a building less, especially if they only work at night.

    Phone Entry System: Buzzer systems connected to residents’ phones are a popular, albeit less personal, alternative. The only real stipulation here is that the responsibility is left to residents themselves to ensure they know who they are letting into the building.

    Floor Keys: Fobs or key cards are sometimes set up so that they are needed in order to get on a certain floor of a building. This is helpful if a stranger wanders in behind a resident, as they will eventually have nowhere to go.

    So, What do you Value?

    While we all need to remember that condo concierges aren’t there to be our personal assistants, the payoff of slightly higher condo fees include having someone at your beck and call — when your request is within reason, of course. Some homeowners find this unnecessary, and believe the money may be better spent elsewhere (or just saved).

    Although it may not be a dealbreaker for someone who falls in love with a unit, the various types of security are something to be taken into account when looking to purchase a condo.

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