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    Top 5 GTA Areas Still In Relatively High Demand

    Despite lower sales transactions, properties in some regions are selling faster than the GTA average

    Written By Robert Van Rhijn

    Over the past several months, housing sales have slowed down considerably in Ontario and across Canada. But in some pockets of the GTA, the demand for residential properties remains high.

    These five regions have become the epicentre of rapid real estate transactions, showcasing a fervent market where properties are being purchased relatively quicker than the regional average.

    1. Ajax

    With an average of 16 days on the market, Ajax is a town in Durham Region where houses are still in high demand.

    With its well-planned neighbourhoods, coupled with a range of housing options from modern townhouses to spacious single-family dwellings — Ajax is attractive for young families and retirees alike.

    Only 40 minutes outside of Toronto, Ajax has convenient access to major highways and the GO train. It’s also the ideal mixture of suburban tranquillity and urban amenities – making it one of the fastest growing areas in Ontario. Meanwhile, the town's evolving landscape, marked by ongoing infrastructural developments and a thriving local economy, contributes significantly to the growing demand.

    Plus, Ajax is focused on becoming one of the most liveable and eco-focused areas in the GTA, so it’s no wonder homes are getting snapped up despite the slower market.

    Also, it probably doesn’t hurt that homes are more reasonably priced than Toronto. For example, you can get this three-bedroom, four-bathroom home for under $800K.

    2. Pickering

    In Pickering, homes are selling within 18 days of coming on the market. Why? Well, there’s a number of reasons.

    Firstly, Pickering offers an attractive mix of housing options, including modern condominiums, townhouses, and spacious detached homes — all catering to various tastes and lifestyles.

    Its strategic location near major highways and GO transit means this is a commuter's paradise, providing easy access to neighbouring cities plus downtown Toronto.

    Moreover, the city's commitment to sustainable development and ongoing revitalization projects, such as the waterfront development along Lake Ontario, amplifies its allure for prospective homebuyers.

    If you’re looking for a good investment, this multi-purpose property, listed for just over $2.5 million, is a unique find.

    3. Markham

    Markham has been a growing city for many years now, and is currently one of the quickest selling regions with homes lasting only 20 days on the market.

    The blend of diverse offerings and a thriving community make Markham a beacon for professionals and families alike.

    Renowned for its innovative urban planning, this city offers a harmonious mix of residential neighbourhoods, commercial hubs, and green spaces. Its multicultural fabric also fosters a vibrant atmosphere, enriched by ethnic diversity. Markham's commitment to supporting tech innovation and business growth has also contributed to its desirability.

    Furthermore, its top-ranking schools, recreational facilities, and proximity to transit lines caters to diverse demographics — underpinning its status as a high-demand real estate market.

    Our favourite listing in Markham right now is this stunning Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home that’s currently listed for $6.38M.

    4. Uxbridge

    Uxbridge has carved a niche as a hub for swift home sales, with most properties selling within 26 days.

    Renowned for its picturesque surroundings, including sprawling farmlands, conservation areas, and tranquil trails — Uxbridge appeals to homebuyers seeking a serene retreat away from bustling city life.

    Take, for instance, this charming and character filled century-old farmhouse on six acres of lush land. It’s listed for $1.5M and is a true sanctuary — it even has a lake in the backyard.

    And don’t get us started on Uxbridge’s quaint downtown which exudes historic charm, offering a range of boutique shops, cozy cafes, and local eateries. It’s basically Stars Hollow.

    Also, Uxbridge's commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing modern development initiatives has attracted discerning buyers looking for a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary living. Really it’s no surprise that homes here are in relatively high demand.

    5. East Gwillimbury

    Rounding out the top 5 is East Gwillimbury, a little known region in York. Homes here are selling within a month, with listings on the market for an average of 28 days. Perhaps it’s the serene and idyllic setting, spacious lots, scenic landscapes, and slow-paced atmosphere making it an attractive choice for homebuyers.

    For anyone seeking a peaceful lifestyle, without being too far from the city — just look at this adorable, updated century home sitting on 1.2 acres of land listed for $950,000.

    Plus with East Gwillimbury’s ongoing development initiatives, a burgeoning local economy and a strong sense of community, it’s easy to recognize the town's potential for both investment and quality living within the GTA.

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