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    Condos for Rent in City Centre, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in City Centre

    Choosing a neighbourhood to call home when searching for Toronto condos for rent can be extremely difficult, given the city’s sprawling size and diverse character. That said, anyone who prefers bright city lights to peace and quiet should look no further than City Centre. Bound by Jarvis Street to the east, University Avenue to the west, Gerrard to the north, and the Gardiner Expressway to the south, this small yet central pocket of downtown Toronto is about as bustling as it gets.

    Unsurprisingly, living in a City Centre condo for rent means having access to some of the city’s most notable attractions. While residents may only visit the CN Tower on special occasions, Union Station is an extremely useful City Centre landmark. It is estimated that 250,000 travelers visit this transportation hub each day, thanks to the access Union Station provides to the TTC, GO Transit, the UP Express, and VIA Rail Canada. Moreover, sports matches at the Air Canada Centre, trade shows at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and special exhibitions at the Design Exchange are just a few additional reasons to rent a condo in City Centre Toronto.

    And yet for some, being able to stay warm is the most important feature of any neighbourhood — especially in a city that experiences brutal winters like Toronto does. Thankfully, the PATH helps keep City Centre residents shielded from the weather. This network of underground tunnels covers 30 kilometres, and with shops situated throughout, it has also been recognized as the world’s largest underground shopping complex.

    Speaking of shopping, City Centre residents can also skip the shops in the PATH and head straight toward the Eaton Centre. Situated just west of Yonge, between Dundas and Queen, this urban mall happens to be a record breaker as well: its 50 million annual visitors makes the Eaton Centre the busiest mall in North America.

    Condo Life in City Centre

    Suburbia is typically associated with single-family homes, while visions of urban centres involve skyscrapers galore. City Centre is no exception to this rule, with some of the city’s highest towers situated in the neighbourhood. That said, the condos for rent in City Centre still vary quite considerably, from the extravagant to the unassuming.

    City Centre attracts tourists just as it does residents, and for this reason the neighbourhood is packed with a number of desirable hotels. The Shangri-La, for example, is a luxury hotel that caters to both demographics, thanks to the nearly 400 condos situated atop the hotel suites. Those looking to live the life of luxury from within a hotel can also consider the One King West Hotel & Residence, which contains suites that reach to 5,600 square feet at their largest.

    City Centre condos for rent can also come equipped with a long and interesting history. The base of the One King West Hotel & Residence, for example, was built in 1914, and served as the Dominion Bank for decades. Those fascinated by chronicles of the city’s past can also opt for a unit in the Graphic Arts Building. Located at 73 Richmond West, this 1913-built edifice was once home to a magazine called “Saturday Night.”

    As for buyers looking for something tried and true, there are a couple of City Centre condos for rent that have stood the test of time. Chestnut Park, for example, has been around since 1990. Situated just northwest of City Hall, at 55 Centre Avenue, one of the building’s residents also happens to be the Textile Museum of Canada. Those who plan to frequent the mall, on the other hand, can check out units in The Victorian. Constructed in 1997, this edifice happens to be located a mere two blocks from the Eaton Centre.


    City Centre condos for rent are well-situated for all residents, no matter how one prefers to move about the city. As previously mentioned, travelers have plenty of options for getting around thanks to their proximity to Union Station. From here, one can catch a subway train heading north along the Yonge or University-Spadina line, or they can head out of town on a VIA Rail or GO train. Best of all, the trip all the way to Pearson International Airport takes just 25 minutes thanks to the UP Express.

    Those living slightly farther north can use streetcars along major arterial roads to get around. For example, City Centre residents can use the Queen streetcar to reach Parkdale to the west or the Beaches to the east. The Dundas Streetcar also offers access to Chinatown, Little Portugal, Leslieville, and much more. When destinations are to the north, residents living in City Centre can use the subway to traverse the city in no time: passengers can simply walk to Yonge Street or University Avenue in order to hop onto a train.

    Drivers living in City Centre condos for rent, on the other hand, might take an entirely different approach when it comes to traversing the city. One-way streets help to ease congestion, but the best way to avoid tiny streets filled with traffic jams is to hop onto the Gardiner Expressway. This major highway carries cars east and west along the southern edge of the city, allowing one to reach north-south routes like the 427 and the Don Valley Parkway in a hurry.

    When it comes time to head out of town altogether, living in City Centre is more convenient than it seems. Pearson International Airport may be nearly 27 kilometres from Union Station, but the trip only takes 25 minutes thanks to the UP Express train. And those who can score flights out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport are also encouraged to do so: the drive to this airport can take just 5 minutes from City Centre, when traffic cooperates. Last but not least, anyone planning to travel to a neighbouring city can do so by hopping on a train from Union Station.

    City Centre Overview

    The Locals: Those who prefer bright lights to starry skies.

    Code of Conduct: Traffic is inevitable here: on the roads, on the sidewalks, and even in the mall.

    What You’ll Find: Skyscrapers everywhere you look.

    What You Won’t Find: An abundance of single-family homes.

    The Homes: Predominantly found in multi-residential buildings.

    Sealing the Deal: The electrifying atmosphere.