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    Condos for Sale in Corktown, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Corktown

    Corktown sits west of the southern end of the Don River, and just north of the Lower Don Lands, occupying a particularly historic area of Toronto. Corktown was one of the earliest neighbourhoods in the city to be developed, with homes built in the 19th century in order to house employees working in nearby brickyards and breweries. The city’s first Roman Catholic Church, the 1882-built St. Paul’s Basilica, can also be found in Corktown.

    Although prospective buyers have long been interested in Toronto condos for sale in Corktown, demand for homes in this neighbourhood began to soar after the makeover it received beginning in 2006. Waterfront Toronto not only provided Corktown with some practical TLC, including flood protection along the river, but Underpass Park was also created in the process. Completed in 2012, this park is situated underneath the Richmond, Adelaide, and Eastern Avenue overpasses, and contains basketball courts, a playground, and a skate park.

    Corktown Common is yet another new green space in the neighbourhood, opening just one year after the completion of Underpass Park. Corktown Common actually doubles as a safety net against flooding, as it will direct water south to Lake Ontario. However, rather than sit and think about the possibility of a natural disaster, visitors likely come here to spend time using barbecues and fireplaces, to escort kids to the splash pad, or to run around on the athletic field.

    Speaking of Lake Ontario, Corktown is also situated due north of the Port Lands and the Lower Don Lands, where sunbathers can relax at Cherry Beach or try their hand at kitesurfing. Those uninterested in watersports can hit some balls at the Docks Driving Range, dance all night at Rebel, or shop for groceries imported from all over Asia at TNT.

    Condo Life in Corktown

    Despite its extensive history, many of the condos for sale in Corktown are situated within contemporary buildings. An abundance of Corktown condos have gone up in the area in recent years, and buyers interested in purchasing a pre-construction home will have luck here as well.

    Some of the most exciting condos to arrive in the neighbourhood in the 21st century are the three buildings that make up River City. Known as River City I Lofts, River City II Lofts, and River City Phase 3, these structures are an ode to the neighbourhood’s industrial past, even if they appear ultramodern at first glance.

    The soft lofts in Corktown are yet another nod to the area’s formerly industrial nature. The Derby Lofts at 393 King East, for example, was designed to mimic the neighbourhing warehouses and factories. The building even contains some mezzanine units – a rare find in Toronto. And then of course there are the hard lofts, perfect for lovers of history alike. With only 11 units in the building, a unit in the Carhart Lofts may require fighting for — but it’s definitely worth it for a chance to live in this former denim factory.


    Situated where the Don Valley Parkway meets Gardiner Expressway, Corktown is clearly well suited for residents who plan to drive around town. The former can be used to reach the 401 to the north, while the latter is great for traversing the southern edge of the city.

    As for those without cars of their own, Corktown’s central locale makes traveling by TTC a breeze. Both the King and Queen streetcars can be used to head west toward the Entertainment District, the Fashion District, and beyond, although only the Queen Streetcar continues east of the Don River. Another great option for those heading north is the Parliament bus.

    Corktown Overview

    The Locals: Lovers of history, the outdoors, or both.

    Code of Conduct: Taking up kitesurfing may sound crazy at first, but one glimpse of the sails up in the sky at Cherry Beach will leave anyone tempted to try it out.

    What You’ll Find: A formerly industrial, recently revitalized neighbourhood, where residents get to experience the best of both worlds.

    What You Won’t Find: Mediocre parks.

    The Homes: Soft and hard lofts, plus modern condos inspired by the neighbourhood’s industrial history.

    Sealing the Deal: The proximity to Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence, the Distillery, and the Beaches.