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    Homes for Sale in Fort York | Niagara, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Fort York | Niagara

    Fort York is one of those rare neighbourhoods that’s half green: public parks make up over 50% of the area, leaving just a few streets for residential buildings and retail shops. The green space in the area is divided between Garrison Common, Fort York, the Gore, and June Callwood Park.

    While some might simply think of Fort York as City Center - Toronto lite, this area actually has a much richer history than its neighbour to the east. Now a national historic site, Fort York was once home to forts and other military buildings. Today a couple of museums are also situated in Fort York, both of which are understandably army-related. One is the Queen’s York Rangers Museum, and the other is Fort York itself, which hosts various demonstrations and commemorations throughout the year.

    In more recent history Fort York was an industrial area, most famously known as the home of the Molson Brewery. The redevelopment of the area began following the demolition of this building in 2006, with the creation of the Fort York Neighbourhood Public Realm Plan. As a result of this plan, parks and public spaces were complemented by new residential constructions.

    In some neighbourhoods a public library is a place to grab a book, drop one off, or spend some time reading on a rainy day. The Fort York branch of the Toronto Public Library, however, is one of the most impressive additions to the Fort York neighbourhood. KPMB Architects designed the structure, whose geometric design was inspired by the fort next door. The library also features public art along the west façade, which was collaboratively designed by Charles Patcher and Margaret Atwood.

    Public spaces have clearly played an important role in the success of Fort York as a new residential enclave. Young buyers have found solace in Toronto condos for sale in this neighbourhood, thanks to the offerings that extend beyond the confines of their own homes; this in part, has made Fort York condos suddenly desirable, where once this neighbourhood was a place to avoid.

    Condo Life in Fort York | Niagara

    The Fort York Neighbourhood Public Realm Plan included the construction of 12 residential buildings, the first of which was Aquarius at Waterpark City. While this building is a 38-storey glass tower, Fort York condos also come in the form of townhouses and mid-rise edifices; Marina Townhomes of South Beach place residents almost directly on the water, though these units might be a little isolated for some.

    One of the most striking modern residential constructions is the Malibu Condos at Harbourfront, which features a rounded glass tower set atop an 11-storey pedestal. For many prospective buyers — especially those with kids — living on a property with a pool that’s just minutes from waterfront parks, certainly has its perks.

    In addition to the contemporary constructions that have popped up in Fort York in recent years, one building stands out as both historical and iconic: Tip Top Lofts. This Art Deco hard loft has occupied the land at 637 Lake Shore Boulevard West since the 1920s. What makes it such a landmark, though, isn’t just the façade: any real Torontonian should be familiar with the enormous red sign that reads “Tip Top Tailors.”

    Fort York Condos range in price — there are some very affordable studios and 1 bedroom units in the neighbourhood for buyers on a budget, but also pricey 3 bedroom suites for those with more financial freedom.


    Fort York condos aren’t quite as pedestrian friendly as their neighbours in CityPlace; residents can likely accomplish some errands on foot, but most will require a vehicle or public transit to get things done.

    The Harbourfront Streetcar and the Fort York-Esplanade bus are the most convenient routes for residents of Fort York without cars of their own. Using either of these services, a trip over to Union Station takes around 20 minutes. Alternatively, anyone planning a trip that requires a flight should check Porter first, since Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is situated right at the south end of the Fort York neighbourhood.

    The Gardiner Expressway also makes life easier for drivers living in Fort York. This highway comes in handy for those traveling east and west, and especially for drivers who need to transfer onto other highways, such as the 427 or the Don Valley Parkway.

    Fort York | Niagara Overview

    The Locals: People who favour public spaces over a profusion of businesses.

    Code of Conduct: Library and park etiquette is a prerequisite: residents know to pick up after their dogs, and they never hog too much space at the library.

    What You’ll Find: Towers similar to those in CityPlace, but with a much higher ratio of grass to glass.

    What You Won’t Find: Boutique-lined streets or endless options for eating out.

    The Homes: Mostly modern and mostly made of glass.

    Sealing the Deal: This once-industrial land has been transformed into a residential tour de force.