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    Condos for Rent in Alderwood, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Alderwood

    Even if you take the QEW everyday, you’d be forgiven for missing this Etobicoke neighbourhood. Banded to the north by the QEW and Gardiner Expressway, and to the south by CNR railway tracks, Alderwood is a family neighbourhood that’s easy to miss on your morning commute.

    The neighbourhood rests on the eastern banks of Etobicoke Creek — which is shadowed by scenic walking trails. The southern portion of the neighbourhood is a mix of commercial and industrial space; ideal for renters who are looking for employment in their new neighbourhood. Brown’s Line runs through the area and is host to restaurants, retail stores, and service based businesses, with the occasional pub or cafe sprinkled in.

    Alderwood condos for rent are well-suited to families — there are several respected schools in the neighbourhood, as well as daycares, playgrounds, a library, and athletic clubs and facilities. CF Sherway Gardens is just north of the QEW for shopping excursions; you’ll also find big box stores outside of the mall.

    Condo Life in Alderwood

    You won’t find any swanky high-rise towers here, but there are Alderwood condos for rent in a mid-rise building and 2 townhouse complexes. Because this neighbourhood is so close to Toronto, you wont get a steal like you might in other Etobicoke areas; however, units tend to have large floors plans.

    Young families are certain to be pleased by Toronto condos for rent at Humber Mews Townhomes and 630 Evans Avenue Townhomes — neither of which have a single unit below 1200 square feet. Alderwood condos for rent don’t come with many extras, so if you absolutely need a gym in your building, you’d be wise to look elsewhere.


    Because all condo buildings are located near major roads, residents can run errands on foot. Public transit is limited to bus routes in the neighbourhood, but Long Branch Station is just south of Alderwood for train service. Car owners couldn’t have it easier — travel north on Brown’s Line for the QEW.