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    Condos for Rent in Etobicoke, Toronto, ON

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    Renting a home in Etobicoke

    The name Etobicoke comes from the Mississauga word ‘wah-do-be-kang,’ which translates to “place where the alders grow.” The name is still relevant today, as renters flock to Etobicoke for its abundance of green spaces. And for those who don’t already know, the k is silent.

    The area is predominantly made up of the land situated between the Humber River and the Etobicoke Creek, with the 427 acting as the westernmost boundary north of the 401. When looking at a map, it quickly becomes apparent that Etobicoke is even longer than it is wide. Etobicoke condos for rent can be found as far south as Mimico, near Lake Ontario, while others are in close reach of the 407 to the north.

    Etobicoke was a city of its own between 1967 and 1998, after which the megacity of Toronto’s amalgamation joined the area with East York, North York, Scarborough, and the City of Toronto. Nonetheless, the fact that Etobicoke once achieved the status of a city points to the area’s level of development, its infrastructure, its population density, and its enormous size.

    While the area is still far less dense than the downtown core, Etobicoke’s population is still quite large — and it seems to be growing with every passing year. As of 2016, the total count sat at around 365,000 individuals. The northern part of Etobicoke is particularly diverse: over 60 percent of people residing here were born outside of Canada.

    For example, a sizeable Ukrainian community resides within Etobicoke, in neighbourhoods like The Kingsway, Bloor West Village & Runnymede. This group celebrates its heritage every year at the Ukrainian Festival in Bloor West Village, and neighbours from Canada and around the world come to learn about the culture as well. Humber Heights & Westmount is yet another popular neighbourhood among Ukrainian-Canadians: the neighbourhood is home to the Holodomor Memorial on La Rose Avenue, as well as the Canadian Ukrainian Memorial Park.

    Speaking of parks, the expansive outdoor spaces found throughout the area are yet another selling point for Etobicoke condos for rent. For one, riverside parks are aplenty here, thanks to the Humber River and the Etobicoke Creek that lie to the east and the west of Etobicoke, respectively. Centennial Park is a crowd favourite for Etobicoke residents, who visit this massive green space for its wintertime downhill skiing, its indoor botanical garden, its go-karting track, and its indoor swimming pool. This park welcomes an entirely different crowd, however, during the Canada Day Long Weekend, when it hosts Toronto Ribfest.

    Another picture perfect place to spend the day in the great outdoors is down by the waterfront. Etobicoke residents can stroll or cycle along the Humber Bay Park Trails, which eventually turn into the Martin Goodman Trail to the east. The change in trail name occurs as one passes over the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, an architectural delight worth visiting just for the photo ops, if nothing else. This car-free structure connects the Humber Bay Shores Park with Sunnyside Park (or Etobicoke with the West End) and has been a popular spot for engagement photoshoots since its construction in the 1990s.

    Condo Life in Etobicoke

    With over 200 condos spread out throughout 19 neighbourhoods, those looking for Etobicoke condos for rent have a lot to consider. Some condos offer access to Pearson International Airport and the 401, while others promise residents a serene, lakeside atmosphere.

    As for renters who want nothing less than class, status, and reputation, theres’ nothing better than an Etobicoke condo for rent in the Kingsway. This neighbourhood isn’t just one of the wealthiest areas in Etobicoke, but it’s one of the most affluent in the entire city. The Kingsway was developed in early 1900s by Robert Home Smith, who was so inspired by English suburbs that he even named a number of streets after British royalty, such as Queen Anne Road. Modern developers followed suit, naming condos ‘The Regency Condos,’ and ‘United Kingsway Condos’ as a nod to the United Kingdom’s monarchy.

    Etobicoke condos for rent in the Kingsway are also convenient for residents who plan to travel throughout the rest of Toronto. Royal York and Old Mill Stations on the Bloor-Danforth line make life easier for renters living in the area — especially in buildings like The Kensington at Old Mill Condos and The Terraces of Old Mill Condos. A number of Islington and City Centre condos are also situated a short walk away from the subway, such as the Westwood Condos and the Network Lofts.

    Mimico is yet another highly sought after Etobicoke neighbourhood, desirably in large part for its location next to Lake Ontario. And thankfully, plenty of new condos have been going up along the waterfront in recent years. Beyond The Sea - North Tower, Beyond The Sea - South Tower, and Beyond the Sea Star Tower, for example, are all part of a complex that sits just north of the Humber Bay Park. With over 800 suites between these three buildings, prospective residents have a high chance of finding something for rent here.


    Etobicoke condos for rent may be better suited to drivers, non-drivers, and those who prefer to walk, depending on where they’re located. As previously mentioned, those without cars of their own will want to live close to Bloor Street in order to have easy access to the Bloor-Danforth subway line.

    That said, renters who want to live as close to the lake as possible also have options for getting around the city. Streetcars along Lake Shore Boulevard West carry passengers along the southern edge of Etobicoke, and eventually into the West End and even the downtown core of Toronto. Commuters hoping to reach Union Station in a hurry can also hop onto a GO Train departing from the Mimico or Long Branch Stations.

    As for drivers, the numerous highways that run through Etobicoke certainly work to make life just a little easier. The Queen Elizabeth Way and the Gardiner Expressway are useful for those heading toward the downtown core or into Mississauga, while anyone attempting to reach the airport will likely use the 427. Last but not least, residents living in Etobicoke condos for rent have access to the 401, which connects them with Midtown Toronto and North York, as well as neighbouring suburbs and towns.

    Etobicoke Overview

    The Locals: Uninterested in hectic city living.

    Code of Conduct: Anyone susceptible to road rage should skip the highway, grab a book, and enjoy the ride into the city via a GO Train or the TTC.

    What You’ll Find: Less density, which also equates to emptier streets and sidewalks.

    What You Won’t Find: Map-wielding tourists lost on their way to the CN Tower.

    The Homes: Early 20th century estates juxtaposed with glass towers along the waterfront.

    Sealing the Deal: Never feeling too claustrophobic.