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    Condos for Sale in Etobicoke, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Etobicoke

    Once upon a time, Etobicoke was its own, independent city. Although Etobicoke didn’t enjoy this status for very long — it was only recognized as a city from 1967 until the amalgamation of the City of Toronto in 1998 — this fact is testament to Etobicoke’s size and character.

    The area is situated west of the West End, stretching from the Humber River to the 427 and the Etobicoke Creek. To the north, Etobicoke is bound by Steeles Avenue West, while the southernmost part of the area reaches as far south as Lake Ontario. And while Etobicoke is far more urban than areas to the north and west, it’s far less dense than downtown Toronto.

    This lower density is, in part, a result of the industrial goings-on in Etobicoke. In fact, the first industrial building in Toronto was established on the current site of King’s Mill Park. A plaque commemorating King’s Mill enlightens park-goers about the mill, which once produced the wood that became the foundation for Toronto as we know it today. The King’s Mill lived a short but impactful life: it was destroyed in 1803, just 10 years after its construction.

    Outdoorsy types interested in Etobicoke condos for sale have come to the right place. The area is filled with waterways, and of course the parks that lie on either side of the riverbanks. It’s a difficult task to attempt to single out the best parks in the area, however South Humber Park seems to be a crowd favourite. Perhaps it’s the Oculus Pavilion that draws photographers, architects, and generally curious individuals to the park. The Oculus is a mid-century, canopy-like structure that once housed public toilets, and today serves as a sculpture of sorts and a nod to Etobicoke’s past.

    Speaking of iconic architectural structures, the Humber Bay Arch Bridge also deserves a mention. The bridge, constructed in the 1990s, allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross over the mouth of the Humber River, and connects Sunnyside Park to the Humber Bay Shores Park. The bridge’s designers looked to the area’s original inhabitants for inspiration: a pattern in the steelwork resembles the Thunderbird, a symbol of the First Nations people.

    With Etobicoke comprising such a large portion of the city, it’s no wonder the area is home to many commercial pockets as well. Mimico alone has two business improvement areas, Mimico-by-the-Lake and the Mimico Village. The former is situated on Lake Shore Boulevard between Allen Avenue and Alexandra Street, while the latter covers the stretch of Royal York Boulevard from Evans Avenue down to Cavell Avenue.

    And while Etobicoke residents have many reasons to visit Mimico Village, it’s also worth making a trip just for Sanremo’s homemade doughnuts. The Italian bakery has long been a staple for residents living in Etobicoke condos for sale, and has been run by the same family for over 50 years now.

    Condo Life in Etobicoke

    Typically, Etobicoke is marked by a smaller concentration of large condos than downtown Toronto. That said, busier sections of the area have seen a huge influx of residential towers in recent years. And the condos for sale in Etobicoke have a lot to offer: some provide access to Lake Ontario, while others make it easier than ever to travel to Pearson International Airport. Other areas, like the Queensway, are filled with parks and riverside trails.

    Prospective buyers in search of lakeside condos have a few neighbourhoods to choose from. From east to west, Mimico, New Toronto, and Long Branch line Etobicoke’s portion of the waterfront. Condos like The Wave Condos at 4 Elsinore Path, Eleven Superior Condos at 11 Superior Avenue, Hearthstone by the Bay Condos at 3 Marine Parade Drive are ideal for anyone hoping to live within walking distance of Lake Ontario, while Palace Place’s proximity to the Humber Bay Arch Bridge makes this the perfect home for anyone planning to use the Martin Goodman Trail on the regular.

    For those who plan to commute into downtown Toronto, living near the subway is essential. Buyers who find themselves in this situation can consider buildings in the Kingsway, such as The Regency Condos, which offers access to Royal York Station on the Bloor-Danforth line. Islington & City Centre West are also home to condos that provide access to Islington Station, such as Kingswood on Bloor Condos and the Network Lofts.


    Thanks to its placement to the west of the city centre, driving around Etobicoke is considerably less aggravating than trying to traverse downtown by car. Residents living in Etobicoke condos for sale have access to major highways like the 427 and the Gardiner Expressway, making it that much easier to visit neighbouring suburbs, towns, and cities.

    Another perk to living in Etobicoke condos for sale is the ability to reach Pearson International Airport in no time. Condos in Rexdale, West Humber, and Clairville are especially close to the airport, which means residents living here don’t need to worry about hefty taxi fares when booking a trip out of town. And while Torontonians living downtown tend to use the UP Express to reach Pearson, Etobicoke residents can do the reverse: travellers can use this service to reach Union Station in 25 minutes or less, depending on the station they depart from.

    The TTC also services Etobicoke residents well. As previously mentioned, anyone planning to head east into the city centre regularly will want to live within reach of the Bloor-Danforth line. This still leaves plenty of options for buyers, who can choose between Etobicoke condos for sale near Islington, Royal York, and Old Mill Stations. Alternatively, those living down by the lake can use the 501 streetcar route to head toward the West End and Central Downtown.

    Etobicoke Overview

    The Locals: Urbanites lite.

    Code of Conduct: Commuting via subway is common, but exploring the waterfront trails on foot is much more enjoyable — when time permits.

    What You’ll Find: Vast parks juxtaposed with industrial zones.

    What You Won’t Find: Tourists.

    The Homes: Contemporary condos are going up all the time in Etobicoke, with no signs of stopping.

    Sealing the Deal: The balance of commerce and industry with green space and waterways.