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    Buying a home in Humber Heights | Westmount

    It doesn’t get much more serene than living in a neighbourhood set on the bank of the Humber River. Humber Heights and Westmount sit just east of Royal York Road, and covers the ground between Eglinton Avenue West to just north of Dixon Road, with the Humber River comprising its western border.

    The less famous — although no less charming — Humber Creek also runs straight through the middle of these two neighbourhoods, on a diagonal. Humber Heights is situated to the north of the creek, while Westmount sits just to the south.

    Set away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto, Westmount is home to a number of public green spaces that contribute to its enviable ambiance. Westmount Park, with its outdoor pool, can be found just west of the river on Arcade Drive, while Chapman Valley Park and Douglas Ford Park (which is not named for that Doug Ford) are situated along the Humber Creek. The neighbourhood is also ideal for avid golfers, as the Weston Golf & Country Club is just to the north, and the Lambton Golf & Country Club to the south.

    As for the demographics of the area, anyone who spends just a short amount of time here will quickly see the European influence on the Westmount neighbourhood. Firstly, there’s a memorial to the genocide that occurred in Soviet Ukraine between 1932 and 1933 on La Rose Avenue, and the park just east of there is aptly named the Canadian Ukrainian Memorial Park. Best of all, the many Eastern European and Italian immigrants living in the area can get a taste of back home by paying a visit to La Rose Bakery.

    Condo Life in Humber Heights | Westmount

    Largely residential neighbourhoods, Westmount and Humber Heights are predominantly filled with single-family homes (and especially massive ones on Yorkleigh Avenue). That said, prospective buyers can find condos for sale in Westmount in 6 different buildings, most of which are within walking distance of Eglinton Avenue.

    Although the neighbourhood has experienced some gentrification, many of the Toronto condos for sale in Westmount are slightly older — plus they’re generally more affordable than those in the downtown core. The Top of the Humber Condos and Humber Hill Towers Condos were the first condos to arrive on the scene, both built in 1973 by Kuhlmax Developments Limited.

    Ever since, there’s been a slow but steady stream of new buildings in Westmount, although the most recent build, the The Royal York Grand Condos, is already almost a decade old. As for prospective buyers interested in townhomes, they should keep an eye out for one of the 7 units at Silverbrook Homes at 581 Scarlett Road.


    Thanks to its locale far from the downtown core, traffic tends to be much lighter in Westmount and Humber Heights. Major roads like Eglinton, Royal York, Dixon, and Lawrence can be used to get around the immediate area, while those heading out on longer journeys may opt to use highways such as the 401 and the 427.

    Purchasing a condo for sale in Westmount is also a suitable option for those who prefer not to drive. While the subway isn’t exactly within walking distance, travelers can reach Royal York Station on the Bloor-Danforth line by hopping onto a southbound bus along Royal York Road. Another great option is the Eglinton West bus, which lands passengers at Eglinton West Station on the University-Spadina line in around 45 minutes.

    Humber Heights | Westmount Overview

    The Locals: They can’t pass up a good bargain — especially on the price of a home.

    Code of Conduct: Learning about Eastern Europe isn’t just a prerequisite when living in Westmount and Humber Heights, it’s inevitable.

    What You’ll Find: The Humber River and its lesser-known baby sister, the Humber Creek.

    What You Won’t Find: A large concentration of skyscrapers.

    The Homes: The condos in Westmount and Humber Heights have stood the test of time.

    Sealing the Deal: All that green space.