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    Condos for Sale in Alexandra Park, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Alexandra Park

    If your barber stopped cutting your hair halfway through a cut, you’d be in the same position as Alexandra Park.

    Alexandra Park is a neighbourhood in transition — a wave of gentrification has rolled through much of the area, but some pockets are still in need of revitalization. For most of its existence, the neighbourhood suffered under the weight of a bad reputation, but now that buyers are flocking to this area to avoid sky-high real estate prices, that troubled past is water under the bridge. Which is why condos for sale in Alexandra Park are suddenly appealing.

    Residents of this neighbourhood enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene — in addition to trendy pubs, there are well known concert venues such as Velvet Underground and Cameron House. Dining options are plentiful and diverse, due in part to the proximity of Chinatown and the multicultural population that calls the area home. And with Kensington Market just next door, the vintage capital of Toronto is practically in your backyard.

    Condo Life in Alexandra Park

    Alexandra Park condos for sale are suited to a wide range of buyers; families might be drawn to these units because of large park which bears the neighbourhood’s name. There aren’t many schools in the neighbourhood, but there are several nearby. Buyers have 5 buildings to choose from with more on the way — a mix of old and modern residences.

    The big draw for Toronto condos for sale in this neighbourhood is the low price per square foot; buildings such as 519 Dundas offer great value, and have 2 bedroom + den units with the square footage of a small house. There are newer residences as well like Dragon Condos — unfortunately it’s not shaped like a dragon — with modern features, and it’s only a matter of time until development in the area raises prices across the board.


    Condos for sale in Alexandra Park come with another perk — walkability. Residents will have no trouble getting around on foot, and there are bus routes and streetcar lines nearby with connections to subway stations for longer trips. Drivers can reach the Gardiner Expressway via Spadina.