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    Renting a home in The Beaches

    Some residents will contest, but the neighbourhood along the shore of Lake Ontario, between Coxwell Avenue and Victoria Park, is called The Beaches for a reason. There’s long been a debate as to whether the neighbourhood should drop the ‘es’ and simply call it the Beach. However, the singular version just wouldn’t be as accurate, as the Beaches is named for four different beaches: Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarboro Beach, and Balmy Beach.

    From April through the end of September (give or take), residents living in the Beaches condos for rent can be found sunbathing, swimming, inline skating along the boardwalk, or picnicking beachside. A number of sizeable parks are also situated just north of the boardwalk including Balmy Beach Park, the Beaches Park, and Ashbridges Bay Park. Between the aforementioned activities, the volleyball courts on the beach, the Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pool, and the Kew Beach Lawn Bowling Club, it’s pretty hard to become bored when living in the Beaches.

    When winter rolls around, locals can still be found in the same place. The Winter Stations International Design Competition, for example, is just one reason to visit the waterfront during the colder months of the year. From February to March each year, Woodbine Beach comes to life thanks to public art installations, some of which are even interactive. Designers from all over the world compete to have a station in the Beaches, and visitors from all over the city come to explore them once they’re up.

    Then there are the retail businesses along Queen Street East, which only add to the charm of this already picturesque neighbourhood. The stores here tend to be independently run, although a few chains have managed to make their way in over the years. For those who don’t live in the Beaches, a trip to this neighbourhood isn’t complete without a visit to Ed’s Real Scoop for some homemade ice cream. As for residents living in the Beaches condos for rent, how often they choose to indulge is completely up to them.

    Condo Life in The Beaches

    Historically, the Beaches condos for rent have been few and far between, however the number of options for renters has been steadily rising over the past 20-odd years. And while most of the Toronto condos for rent in the Beaches tend to be situated near (or on) Queen East, there are a couple of options for those who prefer to live on quieter streets, amongst the Victorian and Edwardian single-family homes. Two of these, which also happen to sit side-by-side one another, include The Kew and 60 Kippendavie Condos.

    As for the Beaches condos for rent that are actually beside the beach, it’s impossible to get closer to the water than Glen Manor, at 15 Glen Manor Road. However, since the building is only made up of 11 suites, renters who have their sights set will have to be willing to wait patiently for a unit to appear on the market. Another couple of alternatives are the The Boardwalk and the The Boardwalk II, two aptly named condos that allow residents to walk to the beach in less than 5 minutes.


    The Beaches is home to many residents who drive, and a large group of those who don’t. Narrow streets and a lack of driveways deter some from the prospect of car ownership, while others simply can’t stand having to wait for the streetcar at the end of a long day. Regardless, getting around the city is easy for both groups. Those who prefer public transit can use the Queen and Kingston Road streetcars to head west toward the city centre, or they can hop on northbound buses in order to reach the Bloor-Danforth subway line.

    Drivers, on the other hand, can also use Queen West to reach the downtown core, while a ride east on Kingston Road will land residents at the 401. Another great option for anyone heading west is to use Lake Shore Boulevard to reach major highways like the Don Valley Parkway or the Gardiner Expressway.

    The Beaches Overview

    The Locals: They probably played on the beach volleyball team in high school.

    Code of Conduct: No one is going to call you crazy if you spend the day on the beach in the middle of February. In fact, you’ll most definitely have company.

    What You’ll Find: Four beaches, all connected by a single boardwalk.

    What You Won’t Find: Tons and tons of chain restaurants and stores.

    The Homes: Condos along Queen, some near the beach, and single-family homes in between.

    Sealing the Deal: The beaches.