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    Condos for Sale in Midtown, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Midtown

    As the name suggests, Midtown lies in the centre of Toronto: it’s situated above downtown Toronto, below North York, east of Etobicoke and the West End, and west of Scarborough and the East End. In fact, the geographical centre of the city has actually been calculated, and it’s located at 33 Wanless Crescent in the Yonge and Lawrence neighbourhood.

    Yet with 16 neighbourhoods spread out throughout Midtown, there’s plenty of diversity in the area in terms of character and offerings. Neighbourhoods like Yonge and Lawrence and Rosedale are well-suited for families, while Yonge and Eglinton and Yonge and St. Clair are ideal for young buyers who don’t want to live right downtown.

    The neighbourhood that most resembles the hustle and bustle of Toronto’s downtown core is Yonge and Eglinton. The intersection of these two major streets, in particular, is surrounded by condo towers, with more seemingly going up every year. And the area only promises to become busier once the Eglinton Crosstown line of the subway is completed in 2021.

    Yonge and Eglinton has been nicknamed ‘Yonge and Eligible’ for the opportunities the neighbourhood provides to young professionals who are just starting out. That said, the area is also home to many charming residential streets filled with single-family homes, parkettes, and not much else.

    Just south of Yonge and Eglinton is another neighbourhood named for its major commercial intersection: Yonge and St. Clair. Slightly closer to downtown, and a little more upscale, this neighbourhood also seems to attract an older crowd.

    Then there’s Rosedale — by far the most affluent area in the area. Midtown condos for sale in Rosedale may come with higher price tags than their counterparts in Yonge and Eglinton, however they’re well worth it when you take their location into consideration. For one, Rosedale residents live within walking distance of Bloor Street. Additionally, the area itself is picturesque, thanks to its winding roads and 19th-century estates.

    Condo Life in Midtown

    Some Midtown condos for sale are situated on quiet, tree-lined streets, while others are geared towards energetic buyers hoping to live near as much action as possible. VIA123 Condos, for example, is located just a short walk away from the busy intersection of Yonge and Eglinton, where residents can find everything from movie theatres to grocery stores and even comedy bars. Alternatively, those willing to wait might be interested to hear about the forthcoming Y&S Condos. When completed in 2020, the building will contain nearly 300 units that reach to 1,200 square feet at their largest.

    Buyers who want to live in a neighbourhood with a swanky reputation, on the other hand, will want to see what Rosedale has to offer. The Rosedale Ravine Residences and the The Three Sixty are both great options, as they’re situated right beside Sherbourne Station on the Bloor-Danforth line. Then there are buildings that offer a truly intimate experience, such as the 89 Elm Avenue Condos and The Fudger Mansion, which contain 4 and 6 units, respectively.

    Prospective residents hoping to raise a family in a Midtown condo can look to the Yonge and Lawrence neighbourhood, which is well loved by parents. Although there’s not a whole lot to choose from here, the condos that inhabit the area are all great picks. Lawrence Park Condos on Rosewell and 217 Roslin are both townhouse complexes, with the former containing homes that span over 2,000 square feet.


    The Yonge-University subway line has been shepherding Torontonians around the city since the 1950s, and it continues to make life easier for residents living in Midtown. Thanks to this subway line, Midtown condos for sale are convenient for those who prefer to leave the car at home — or for those who don’t own cars at all. Eglinton West, St. Clair West, Dupont, Rosedale, Summerhill, St. Clair, Davisville, and Lawrence are all situated in Midtown, as well as Sherbourne and Castle Frank Stations on the Bloor-Danforth line.

    Buses also carry passengers along major arterial roads like Lawrence and Eglinton, while those living close to St. Clair will likely rely on streetcars to get around. And once the Eglinton Crosstown subway line is complete, residents interested in Midtown condos for sale will have even more reason to opt for homes close to Eglinton. The line will carry passengers as between Kennedy and Mount Dennis Stations, making stops in neighbourhoods like Yonge and Eglinton and Forest Hill North and South along the way.

    Drivers, on the other hand, can also get around Midtown with ease, thanks to the Don Valley Parkway to the east and the Allen Expressway in the northwest corner. From Yonge and Lawrence, the drive up to the 401 takes just a few minutes, from which drivers can head east and west across the city.

    Midtown Overview

    The Locals: Uninterested in the intensity of downtown Toronto.

    Code of Conduct: Those hoping to leave the car at home should opt for a condo near a subway station.

    What You’ll Find: A bustling centre surrounded by quiet residential neighbourhoods.

    What You Won’t Find: Hipsters — yet.

    The Homes: Older condos and townhomes are aplenty, but the concentration of modern towers is growing and growing.

    Sealing the Deal: The combination of hectic commercial zones and tranquil residential pockets.