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    Buying a home in Wychwood

    If you’re any bit familiar with Wychwood, then you know about the gated community contained in this midtown Toronto neighbourhood — while it’s no longer closed to outsiders, it still has its own council, although it's anybody’s guess what they do. Don’t worry, if you’re interested in Wychwood condos for sale, they aren’t nearly as expensive as they sound.

    Wychwood covers a large swath of land between Dupont St and St. Clair Ave W — on these 2 major thoroughfares is where you’ll find most businesses in the area, including restaurants, cafes, pubs, service based businesses, and specialized retail stores. Much of the neighbourhood is serviced by bus routes, and streetcars on St. Clair W make it easy to quickly connect to St. Clair West Station for subway lines.

    Looking to buy a condo in Wychwood? As it stands, there are a few buildings to choose from with more in development; The Nest Condos is a recent standout. All of these building were built after 2010, so finishes and amenities are modern. The price per square foot for Toronto condos for sale in this neighbourhood is quite affordable, so if you’re on a tight budget, condos for sale in Wychwood represent an opportunity to buy a new home without breaking the bank.