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    Condos for Sale in Yonge and Lawrence, Toronto, ON

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    Buying a home in Yonge and Lawrence

    Who would have guessed that the petite, predominantly residential neighbourhood of Yonge and Lawrence is technically the centre of the city of Toronto? In 2010, the local media outlet Torontoist did some digging, only to figure out that Toronto’s geographic centre is in fact located at 33 Wanless Crescent, in Yonge and Lawrence.

    Although this neighbourhood is the nucleus of the city when speaking in geographic terms, Yonge and Lawrence is anything but boisterous. Rather, families seeking condos for sale in Yonge and Lawrence have come to the right place, thanks to its quiet residential streets and its walkability. Anyone in need of proof can simply head over to Yonge Street at noon on a weekday to count the number of strollers that pass by.

    A number of businesses along Yonge cater directly to this demographic: the Freehand School of Art offers classes and camps for kids (as well as adults), or parents can sign their kids up for music, dance, or even science classes at Kidville. The latter also contains an indoor playground for those who prefer less structured play, and Kidville hosts holiday break camps as well.

    Yonge and Lawrence also happens to be a particularly wealthy neighbourhood, as far as midtown Toronto goes. Retail businesses along Yonge range from toy stores to high-end stationary shops, craft stores, and of course clothing boutiques. Residents in need of a treat can head over to Pestacio for artisanal nuts and dried fruits, or they can pick up a showstopping cake from Bobbette and Belle.

    And while Yonge and Lawrence feels more pleasant than trendsetting, a number of restaurants made names for themselves in this neighbourhood, before opening up locations in the downtown core. Belly Busters may have opened a branch on King, but downtown diners may not know that its Yonge Street location has been operating for decades now. Today Burger’s Priest feels like a mainstay in downtown Toronto, however in 2012 the much-anticipated Yonge Street store was this burger joint’s second location.

    As for green space, both children and sports lovers can enjoy the facilities Yonge and Lawrence has to offer. A selling point for condos for sale in Yonge and Lawrence is often a building’s proximity to the Rosedale Golf Club and the Wanless Park and Tennis Club.

    Condo Life in Yonge and Lawrence

    Large developments of any kind aren’t all that popular in Yonge and Lawrence, and this rule applies to Toronto condos for sale here as well. Prospective buyers interested in condos for sale in Yonge and Lawrence have just two buildings to choose from. Both of these condos were built back in the early 2000s, since which nothing new has appeared on the market. So although we can’t predict what will happen in the future, this neighbourhood isn’t likely to resemble the downtown core anytime soon.

    The Residences of Wanless Park, situated at 18 Wanless Avenue, contain just 7 storeys spread out over 65 units. Built in 2001, suites in the building range from around 600 to 1,400 square feet, meaning even sizeable families will be comfortable here. The other alternative, when it comes to condos for sale in Yonge and Lawrence, is 217 Roslin. These 2004-built townhomes are especially hard to come by though, as the building contains only 10 units.


    Thanks to the fact that Yonge Street makes up the western border of the neighbourhood, residents can travel down to the downtown core easily, with or without a car. Those who don’t feel like taking on the stress of traffic jams and hefty parking fees can simply hop onto trains departing from Lawrence Station. Alternatively, downtown neighbourhoods like the Financial District and the Village can be reached by driving due south down Yonge Street.

    As for residents heading out on lengthier trips, the 401 is thankfully just around the corner from the Yonge and Lawrence neighbourhood. A short drive north on Yonge will land drivers at this major highway, from which they can head west toward Pearson International Airport or Mississauga, or east toward the 404, Scarborough, and beyond.

    Yonge and Lawrence Overview

    The Locals: Upper-middle class — for the most part.

    Code of Conduct: Single professionals are certainly welcome here, but they’ll have to learn to hold doors for stroller-wielding parents.

    What You’ll Find: A golf course in the heart of midtown Toronto.

    What You Won’t Find: Bustling streets lined with busy snack bars and kombucha shops.

    The Homes: Condos in Yonge and Lawrence may be far and few between, but they’re worth fighting for.

    Sealing the Deal: The peace and quiet.